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  1. rnBSN223

    UPenn Streamlined Post Masters Acute Care

    Thank you for the feedback!
  2. Anyone currently in the Post-Masters Acute Care NP streamlined program with UPenn? Anyone know specifics on this program? I would love to hear from someone who is in the program or has completed it.
  3. rnBSN223

    Post-MSN ACNP

    Hi everyone! I am an AGPCNP working in cardiology and do both inpatient and outpatient work. I am looking to get my acute care post-msn cert. Has anyone gotten a post-MSN Acute care cert? Any recommendations on where to go? Anywhere that doesn't requ...
  4. rnBSN223

    Cardiac Nurse Practitioners

    Dumpins, MSN, RN, APN I am about to start my new job, the exact type of job as you- rounding with the physician, super supportive and helpful, and I will be rounding at 2-4 hospitals and doing charting. i may also eventually help with echo lab an...
  5. rnBSN223

    Primary Care NPs rounding?

    Hello! I am about to start my cardiology NP position. I have been a cardiology RN for about 5 years and completed over 250 clinical hours in cardiology specifically. However, my biggest question is how many of you are Adult-Gero primary care NPs r...
  6. rnBSN223

    EKG Resources

    Hi, I am about to start my new cardiology NP position, doing both outpatient and inpatient. Would love to hear from you about what you found helpful and what you found as the best tips and tricks. If you could email me i would appreciate it! stefdavi...
  7. Hi!! I would love to talk, I just accepted the same career path (cardio) as a new NP in both inpatient and outpatient!! Would love for you to email me, stefdavis60@gmail.com
  8. rnBSN223

    Hospitalist NP Certification ever be likely?

    I am interested in this! Can you tell me more or even email me? stefdavis60@gmail.com I too am a primary care NP, i work with a cardiologist but strictly do our inpatient consults and h&ps, notes etc.
  9. rnBSN223

    Hospitalist NP Certification ever be likely?

    I like the sound of this post-masters Acute care cert in 3 months, have you done it?
  10. rnBSN223

    University of Michigan Flint DNP

    @cardioNP, MSN, APRN, NP How is the program? I am interested in applying for the post-MSN DNP program.
  11. rnBSN223

    Cardiac NP plan?

    I am a new AGNP hired by a solo cardiologist to round with him in the hospital and assist in the office/prior-auths/help run echo lab etc. I love to learn, and can't seem to get enough of school. I am curious if anyone has any opinions/experience/rec...
  12. rnBSN223

    ANCC study prep help

    Hello! Congratulations on graduation! I too, graduated in December 2017 and I took and passed both the ANCC and AANP. I used Barkley's review course ( home study ) and the 2018 Leik app on the iPhone. Overall, I felt the Leik app was the best inv...
  13. rnBSN223

    New NP - Michigan Controlled Substance License App

    Thank you! I am working for a physician who is new to NPs.. so we are working together to try to figure this all out ! I appreciate the help :) thanks!
  14. rnBSN223

    New NP - Michigan Controlled Substance License App

    Hi! I am in the EXACT same position as you- but i paid the $88.60 and sent in the controlled substance license just for it to be returned to me lol. So where it asks for a michigan substance license number you put your NP License number again? And th...
  15. rnBSN223

    NPs working in Specialty Areas

    I just accepted a NP position in cardiology, as a Adult-Gero Primary Care NP, working 50/50. Rounding with the physician in the mornings, staying after to complete paperwork etc, and then having office hours 1-2 times a week as well. I like the flexi...
  16. rnBSN223


    Hi! So I have recently just passed both the ANCC and AANP. I submitted and received my license after passing the AANP and then (because I had already paid for it) I took the ANCC about a month after (today). My questions are: 1) Since my license ...