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  1. I work in pediatric primary care. I happened to google my practice name and see that two patients left bad reviews that mentioned me personally by name. One said "Do not see Karen the NP, she doesn't know what she is doing and does not listen to what parents have to say." The other bad review complained that I told her that her baby's rash may be an amoxicillin allergy, but another doctor told her it was roseola.

    I am in this practice for 18 months. There were other bad reviews that predate my time in the office so it's not like patients have complaints only about me. Still, it really stings to see a review like that up there for the world to see. I am also afraid of potential future employers seeing the bad reviews and refusing to hire me.

    I know patients who are unhappy are more likely to complain and air their grievances than patients who are happy. I also know that it is not unique to get patient complaints.

    It hurts me because I go out of my way to listen to patients carefully and respectfully and give them all the time they need. It upsets me that their perception of me is so different. At this point I'm not sure what the reality is. As to not knowing what I'm doing, I'd be the first to admit that as a new NP I often feel this way but I do my utmost to make sure that patients get good care. I don't hesitate to ask if I'm unsure of how to handle a patient. I guess I'm broadcasting my uncertainty to patients.
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  3. by   Jules A
    That's lousy but the age we live in. I'm forever thankful all this media wasn't available when I was an impulsive adolescent or my life would have likely been very different and not in a good way. I'd recommend not allowing it to destroy your confidence. Not everyone will be happy with our service and also everyone makes mistakes. What I would do is ignore anything that is just mean spirited but consider specific comments like the second one as a learning opportunity, whether you feel it is accurate or not, and brush up on derm presentations in the event that you missed a diagnosis. Hang in there!
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I second Jules - don't let it get you down. It IS the negative folks that will spout off on social media.
  5. by   Rnis
    All of our reviews from press gainy are publically I have a few unflattering reviews but some really nice ones as well.....It's so hard not to just focus on the people who didn't like me . I really try not to dwell on it too much. Sorry about your google experience.
  6. by   gettingbsn2msn
    Please do not worry about this. It is how life is these days. It sounds like you care for your patients well and that is all that matters. If someone has a problem they should speak with you personally. I agree with the above posters. It's a non event.
  7. by   BostonFNP
    Enough said:

    The Cost of Satisfaction | JAMA Internal Medicine | The JAMA Network

    Don't let online reviews and survey scores cheapen the way you practice.
  8. by   Jules A
    Quote from BostonFNP
    Enough said:

    The Cost of Satisfaction | JAMA Internal Medicine | The JAMA Network

    Don't let online reviews and survey scores cheapen the way you practice.
    Brilliant! In psychiatry due to the large number of substance use disorders I'm attempting to treat my patient satisfaction level is probably inversely proportionate to the quality of care I'm providing. I won't deviate from what I know to be interventions that are recommended, safe and effective.