ANCC board exam tips

  1. I just took my ANCC adult NP boards and passed, I was very nervous that I whether I would pass for the 1st attempt or not, but I did it, have to take my Geriatric boards next as I have a dual degree Adult & Geriatric
    I felt most of my questions (70%)are about communication, cultural aspects , and ethics, I only got a few of the clinical questions and just 1 or 2 theory questions
    My tips
    Try to concentrate equally on ethics as u do on clinicals I got 4 or 5 questions on autonomy, justice, informed consent, fidelity, 1 question on sensitivity and specificity
    if we donot concentrate on the above topics and just study for clinicals its really tough to pass this exam
    All I used was Fitzgerald review book only no live course
    Hollier practice questions ( some questions were similar on the boards)
    class notes
    If anyone wants to know any more details about the exam am happy to reply
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  3. by   drcricket
    I absolutely agree, please do questions relating to communication, cultural aspects , and ethics,
    focus on ethics , autonomy, justice, informed consent, fidelity,
    just focus on these topics , they are big part of the exam. 1 month plan then 18 days for above topics and 12 days of 12 chapters in any review books.

    wola !!! you will pass
  4. by   WagsNP
    I agree I took the ANCC adult NP exam in April and I thought I was prepared for a less clinically based exam but boy I was so surprised. I couldn't believe this was the test that determined whether or not I could practice as a NP! I told myself I was going to take both exams but never did

    I just wanted to add that I thought that Fitzgerald CD's were a great prep for the clinical but I also used and purchased some online tests and their Qbank which I thought was very helpful. i spent 3 months over preparing for the exam but I don't feel it was a waste since I will hopefully be better prepared for practice.

    what a great feeling to pass the exam!!! Good lucik.
  5. by   Sgaik
    I just finished taken the ANCC FNP exam and thought I owed to the community what my impressions of the exam were. I really felt that I was under prepared and had no idea when I hit submit on the exam if I passed or not. I did pass. I went to Fitz live course, listed to her CD's 2-3 times, went through her review book, did all the question in the hollier and some questions in the liek. Probably put in a solid 100-120 hours of study for the exam. Here is what I remeber from the exam 5-10 question on ethics, 5-10 on role of NP, 5-10 on research. The rest was a hodge-podge of information that was all over the place. It seemed to me that questions such as you have a patient with (insert symptom) what is the best way to commnicate with them or what would you do with them; i.e.; refer, give meds, do nothing, montior, order labs..etc
  6. by   j411100
    Hello Sgaik!
    First of all, Congrat. for your ANCC FNP test!
    I am also planning to take ANCC FNP exam soon at end of June.
    I started to review Fitz cd and review books, Hollier questions, and Leik book.
    However, I am worry about the research, NP roles, and ethical part. Because not many review books focus on those parts!
    Especailly the reseach, politics and theories sections!!
    Do you have any suggestion for me?? Honestly, i am not sure that I am on a right track or not....
  7. by   jessarnp33
    I shared your concerns, and definitely know your ethics, research and other related issues and trends. This is a challenge, because alot of it is not included within the Fitz review but is a BIG part of the content blue print and I saw on my exam. I relied on my Zerwech review book for these areas.
  8. by   drcricket
    Hello if you get a chance and ready to spend , go to ANCC website for $100 get tons of question bank , they are the good and will help you. also get all review Q and A book to practice such questions

    focus more on the Ethics etc part.

    hope this helps

    good luck you will do fantastic!!!!!!
  9. by   j411100
    Hi niralibp and jessarnp33,
    Thank you so much for your advice!!
    Honestly, I am really nervous and afraid to hear all those strange stories regarding ANCC!!
    Right now, I am think about to buy a ANCC practice online question back or not due to time frame. (I only left a week and half of days before the test). I am not sure that this might be a still worth it to buy it or not.
    However, If that would be a helpful for me to pass the exam(especially with the ethical and politics part), I will definitely^^
    Thank you once again!!!! I hopefully I can post my comment with "yeah I am passed"^^*
  10. by   drcricket
    U will be posotive
  11. by   Aussierules1985
    Exact stated ANCC content and number of questions, not sure if they rotate number based on random chance (as in some get more of one area and some get another):
  12. by   drcricket
    I agree but all my friends got more of ethics qts so just a thought to share
  13. by   AtomicWoman
    Anyone planning to test through AANP, rather than ANCC? I've heard the two exams are very different.
  14. by   graduateFNP
    I recently tested through AANP. It is all clinically based. I think I had one question related to research and one related to culture.