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I am a Psych Nurse in WV and over the last 3 months, there has been an astronomical increase in the amount of admissions that we have gotten that have been abusing bath salts. Here is my experience... Read More

  1. by   CrunchyMama
    Wow, I thought this bath salt issue is a new problem. Pretty crazy. I don't understand why people are trying it knowing what it does. Why would anyone want to try something that has caused people to attack and eat others? :/
  2. by   danggirl
    We have actually had a few cases in our ED over the past couple of weeks (including last night) involving "bath salts"...same presentation, highly aggressive, paranoid if not unconscious. Last year around this time it was "spice", that has died down a little here so now the bath salts. ugh. Can't think of any specific treatment we use other than supportive care. This may have been around a while too but I know the teens here are soaking tampons in alcohol and inserting them as well. anything for a kick. grrr.
  3. by   shrinkyrn

    this is a good fact sheet explains about bath salts. I work in outpatient D&A, we have had a lot of people come through who were using bath salts, called "salts" by our clients. this is really bad stuff and very addictive. Clients I have talked to have had a difficult time staying away from the stuff.
  4. by   CrunchRN
    A drug researcher I work with told me that the guy who "ate the face off" the other guy had a negative toxicology for bath salts. Just really, really crazy I guess.
  5. by   TerpGal02
    I work in Western MD on an Assertive Community Treatment Team. I have yet to see bath salts abuse by our clients but we do have a HUGE problem with spice. It tends to make our clients, esp the bipolars extremely agitated.
  6. by   MySonIsAdorable
    I thought for sure I would know what the drugs were that my kid would grow up and be faced after this crap WHO KNOWS. Inserting tampons soaked in alcohol? Spice? Bath salts? Home school isn't looking that bad right now.
  7. by   ackiepieRN
    I work in a small community hospital in Connecticut. Sure enough, we've had a few cases of patients taking bath salts. The initial presentation is paranoia, violent behavior, and pretty delusional/grandiose thinking. More often than not, we get young teens to early twenties. One of these patients made it up to our unit (psych/detox) after 24 hours. We were all extremely leery, and had our trigger fingers ready to call security - but the patient was "okay" ... he just wanted to lick the window panes made of rock candy. And even his longing for CandyLand passed by the following day.

    But, bath salts are quite a Russian Roulette ... you never know if you'll get pleasantly paranoid or extremely violent.
  8. by   37 C
    Bath Salts: The Drug That Never Lets Go (PBS Newshour)

    "Taking bath salts, it seemed, was similar to taking amphetamine and cocaine at the same time. Except for one thing: MDPV is as much as 10 times stronger than cocaine."
  9. by   sleepdeprived1
    Okay, can ANYONE tell me if they think this sounds like bath salts. Younger middle aged male admit Emergency Detention-medical clearance at hospital .Drug results negative except for opiates ..CT scan normal labs WNL for most part nothing critical .so he was at the ER being cleared for 12hours??? so when comes to psych unit..WAY WAY more psychotic than i have EVER seen before EVER! ..
    severely psychotic and actively hallucinating-talking and laughing to self ..hypermotor agitation while sitting in chair rocking back and forth.or almost constant body movements. talking nonsensical..refused to get up and follow directions to do anything...not able to comprehend. Not oriented to person, place or time (could not even tell me his name). later calmed some and took a psych med ordered by mouth ..(little effect)...went in seclusion but open room ..did not sleep for more than 10minutes came out of room increased agitation and psychotic able to answer few questions very disoriented still . not able to say date of birth wihtout checking his armband from hospital ER and given a benzo PO (little effect) attempted to elope and jump over nursing station .police called and arrived. no decrease in agitation assisted staff with secure hold ..IM's given geodon and benadryl...did calm some but was kept in secluded room does this sound like bath salts?? just wondering what else it could be??? ive seen my share of AVH patients but this seems like soo much more! I CANNOT imagine if this is bath salts dealing with these patients on a regular basis! especially without security and staffing
  10. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from sleepdeprived1
    so does this sound like bath salts??
    Could be. Could also be meth--I see a lot of my psychosis in my hard-core meth patients, even for quite a while after their last dose.
  11. by   LilRedRN1973
    Sounds like our bath salt patients....we get those, drug test them, and when they test negative, bath salts are the first thing that come to mind.