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Hi everyone, looking for any suggestions for the AG-ACNP student to use for clinical/general study and review. My critical care course uses Barkley’s 3e ACNP eBook (and Washington Manual & Marino’s ICU Book) and while it has a lot of great information that I can review on a phone or tablet, I don’t see myself using it as a clinical resource- of course I could be wrong! 

There are so many guides and study aids on the market! I’ve picked up a few here and there but haven’t found one that I really like. Does anyone have any recommendations for clinical resources that are relatively comprehensive and offer high-yield information? Has anyone benefited from using Bates’ pocket guide? Thank you in advance!!



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clinical resource such as to study from or to use on the go at work?

critical care secrets is pretty good for study uptodate covers most ICU topics for an on the fly resource.


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Mass: Pocket Medicine



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Thank you!

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In the ER, I find the MD Calc app to be very helpful. You can easily get your risk scoring to justify diagnostics, which comes in handy for insurance actually covering what you ordered because you've backed it up with risk score. Lots of useful info on it, like Light's criteria, Wells' score for DVT/PE, how to calculate maintenance fluids, drip dosing, etc.

I also like the Sublux app for quick x-ray interpretation reference.