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  1. Acute Care NP clinical resources

    Thank you!
  2. Acute Care NP clinical resources

    Hi everyone, looking for any suggestions for the AG-ACNP student to use for clinical/general study and review. My critical care course uses Barkley’s 3e ACNP eBook (and Washington Manual & Marino’s ICU Book) and while it has a lot of great inform...
  3. Group Assignments

    Thank you for your thoughtful response. I agree with your sentiments related to group assignments, and I feel like I learn much more when I'm responsible for the entirety of an assignment myself.. but, I will start paying closer attention to some oth...
  4. Group Assignments

    Hi everyone. I'm about half-way done with my hybrid NP Program, and I've found that the last two semesters rely heavily on interacting on discussion forums to work through case study assignments. As with most students in the program, I feel as if I w...