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Back with a totally different scenario :). My facility's HR dept called me in today to ask if I would be interested to fill in an Activity Assistant position that previously went vacant. They have been interviewing for the last 2 weeks and I guess the can't quite find the right person? This position is to work on the Dementia unit (which I currently work as a cna) :) so I know each resident, their mental capacity, their likes and dislikes and besides, I actively participate in activities anyway. So HR told me this would be a 40 hour position (compared to my current 37.5 hours), I would prob get paid a little more than I am making as a cna at the moment, its a 9-5 job as compared to me being at work at 6:45am and - as he put it, the job is not as physically demanding as CNA work. I said I'll go home and think about it. I have two days to get back to them. Any pointers? Would you take this position were it offered to you? I still would love to keep my CNA license active tho. Thanks in advance.


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I think it would be a great opportunity...go for it! And, I'm sure you will still be able to keep up your CNA certification. I know that at our long term care our activity aides are CNAs and are required to keep up their CEUs just like the rest of us. Since they are CNAs they should be able to help out with floor duties whenever they can (ie: lay a resident down for a nap, help with ADLs, etc.).

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Take it! That's like a dream job! My friend did it for a while but the position was only temporary so she had to go back to being a CNA. She said it's the easiest and most fun job she's ever had. You transport residents or hang out with them in their rooms. You get all the fun of working with old people and none of the brutally hard work. The fact that your hours and pay will be better are the cherry on top. If you want to keep your CNA active just get on the per diem roll and pick up a shift every month and/or let it be known to the other CNAs that you may be available to cover for them sometimes.


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take it, what a blessing!!!!!


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Sounds good to me too! Just be sure to check about the hourly wage - at my facility, activities asst get paid less than the CNA's do. Though if it's a small difference & you're getting more hours, that may even it out anyway. Have fun!


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:) Thank you all so much for the support & positive responses. The Activities Director actually came in looking for me today and caught me smack in the middle of giving a shower lol but, yes, I did go over for an interview and she expressed how she's been interviewing for the last 2/3 weeks and can't seem to quite find someone who fits the profile like I do. So at the end of it all I did ask about the $$ and she asked 'have you been working here for at least a year?' :) - of course I haven't and - am a fairly new cna too in general. So she said most of the times they pay you the same or they may up it a little (which is what she said she would work on with her boss). My argument was I needed an 'incentive' to leave my CNA position haha - I tried to make me look professional ;). But I have a good feeling about it. The hours are very flexible. She said I could pick to do 8:30am-4:30pm, 9-5, 9:30-5:30 or 10-6..and I could pick a mon-fri job or pick a weekend day if I don't want a rotating weekend schedule. I am sooo keeping my fingers crossed for this one. I want to do it for sure :)


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@Fuzzywuzzy, I did ask about going per diem but they said the facility doesn't allow going over 40 hours. I guess this applies to everyone but CNA's coz I have sure worked way over 40 hours so many times. :) I suppose I'll pick up a couple of private hours here and there..or go per diem somewhere else depending on my schedule if it all works out fine.

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If there's ever a day they are short on the floor, they can grab you to cover. I'm sure when it comes time to renew your certification, they will cover the paperwork.

If you think you would like the job, then go for it! I would.


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Go for it!

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Interviewing for an Activities Assistant job tomorrow - just read this post. I hope the position I am applying for is similar to yours! I love the residents, but could handle a less physically demanding position.


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Baubo516 I wish you all the best in your interview!! I have been an Activity Assistant for a month already. Its not physically demanding..just mentally I guess but you can deal with it am sure. I just usually bump into people with all these ideas about how I should do the activities (nurses, family members) and my hands are tied as the calenders are already done! They don't seem to understand that..and the fact that I couldn't change it if I wanted to :) but, I do mention it to the A. Director. My biggest challenge so far is keeping my last stage dementia res. that I love to bits...AWAKE! Omg! After breakfast am usually pretty much almost talking to myself! lol. But I love it! And, my fellow co-workers quiet as I do my morning meeting :D Am also interviewing on Monday at a hospital for a CNA job (so that I can keep my certificate active) - so, fingers crossed for me too. :yeah:

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I think my interview went pretty well today! I met the director of patient care and the unit secretary, who is also the activities director. They were VERY nice, and the job sounds right up my alley - part CNA (2 shifts per pay period), part activities assistant, part unit secretary. So, I could keep up my certification but give my body a little reprieve! I am also interviewing next week for a telemetry tech position at another hospital, but I am not sure I am as interested in that one. Good luck with your interview on Monday!!!