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MissChristi86 specializes in Long Term Care.

I am absolutely fabulous! I am 24 years old & I have no kids. I am a Certified Nurse Assistant finishing my degree in Nursing. I am sweet, silly, ambitious and caring.

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  1. MissChristi86

    CNA's - What hours do you work?

    I work Fulltime at a LTC Facilty outside Atlanta 7 A.M.- 3 P.M. we work a weekend, off a weekend
  2. MissChristi86

    Officially Got The Job!!!

    ooops i meant 9 am
  3. MissChristi86

    Officially Got The Job!!!

    thanks so much everyone!
  4. MissChristi86

    Officially Got The Job!!!

    just got the call an hour ago that orientation is monday at 9pm!!!!!
  5. MissChristi86

    Anxious again? *sighs*

  6. MissChristi86

    Anxious again? *sighs*

    i had an interview last monday at a very nice ltc facility, don was very nice her only concerned was me not having much experience and how fast paced the job is (which i already know) i assured her i would do good she told me don't let her down, she told me about inservices and what my hourly pay would be & that it takes a few days to get the background check back (i have a clean record), i haven't heard anything yet. my next step is to drug test...i'm going crazy all i can think about is how bad i want & need this better job! do i need to calm down?
  7. MissChristi86

    Activity Assistant??

    take it, what a blessing!!!!!
  8. MissChristi86

    1st Nursing Home Interview Monday!

    excited!!! just booked it by calling about an application i submitted last week. what questions will i be asked? i really need this, only been certified a month but working only 1 day for a home care agency. 1 day doesn't pay bills!!!
  9. MissChristi86

    Taking my CNA exam tomorrow 08/04/11

    Don't forget to say "I washed my hands," glove when necessary, provide privacy, give call bell, put bed back in low position, say "I washed my hands" again when done. Try to relax it isn't as nerve racking once you start & the written exam questions are basically common sense, so read them carefully before answering. Good Luck!
  10. MissChristi86

    I got a part-time CNA job

    thanks so much i got a call this morning for a interview thursday! :)
  11. MissChristi86

    Why become a CNA? Be a Medical assistant instead

    i found this to be a stupid post as it was based on the opinion of the writer!
  12. MissChristi86

    Inservice Question

    are cnas responsible for their own inservices. we need 12 hours a year so i planned on making sure i do one once a month, right now i just work for a home care agency & they said nothing about them when i was hired and did all my paperwork....
  13. MissChristi86

    I got a part-time CNA job

    been working it for two weeks, its only on saturdays or when needed (i filled in last wed.) for a home care agency, but i am praying for something full-time at a facility with health insurance. i have filled out about 30 applications in the last 3 weeks since i became certified.
  14. MissChristi86

    Nervous New Job!

    got a sweet, laid-back 89 year old woman to care for every sat. 9-5 through an agency. its an easy job but i can't help but be a little nervous. i start sat. i have to use a mechanical lift to transport, but only two times.
  15. MissChristi86

    Being too anxious?

    thanks u guys! i'm gonna keep the faith & be patient, that's all i can do!
  16. MissChristi86

    Being too anxious?

    yes my resume is fine. on monday i went to a nursing home. they have my resume, my certificate of completion, and they made a copy of my cpr card.