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ACHPN exam?

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by archiebel archiebel (New Member) New Member Nurse

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Anyone take the ACHPN exam? If so, how was it? How long did you study for? Was there one area represented more than others?

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vampiregirl has 7 years experience as a BSN and works as a Hospice.

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For the CHPN exam in 2015 (different exam/ certification, same credentialing agency), I used the candidate handbook and purchased the core curriculum. I also purchased practice tests from HPNA, which included 2 practice tests. I took the first one as I was beginning studying to identify areas that I needed to focus on and took the 2nd practice test about a week before my "real" test. I think I prepared for 4-6 weeks total. 

As for the areas represented, I seem to recall the candidate guide pretty much gave an accurate picture. I also know several other nurses who have taken the test and all of us had either different tests or different perceptions of what areas were more represented.

Good luck! I encourage any of my hospice colleagues to pursue certification. I learned a lot from studying for the test and I think it has positively impacted my practice. 

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