I got my acceptance letter today! I'm so excited but so nervous. I feel like I should be trying to get a head start on the curriculum, since I dont start until August but where would I begin? I feel like this is a new chapter in my life but I'm so so nervous.

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Congratulations! I am hoping to hear something from the LPN program I applied to any day now. It also starts in August. I am so anxious! I already feel like you....if accepted should I study some more or do something to prepare? I think I will just wait until I get that acceptance letter in my hands before I start worrying, lol.

I know! I keep thinking I should take the usmer to prepare but... how can you if you don't know what's coming? I have an orientation on the 18th of May and I think I will explode with nervous energy before I get there lol Good luck to you!


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Congrats!!! I start in August as well!


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Congratulations!! I am still waiting. What school are you at?

Central Carolina Technical College, what school are you applying to?


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Jackson State Community College


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I just received my acceptance letter on Monday I'll be going to Central Arizona College and start this fall in their ADN program. We are having a preview session in a few weeks to find out all the specifics for the program, even which text books. I plan on doing a lot of reading this summer so I can get a head start. We also have a 3 day workshop before the fall semester starts to get us starting on the right foot. I'm very excited! Good luck to of those who are still waiting to hear!


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CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How long were you on the waiting list for?

There is no waiting list you just have to keep applying until they say yes lol I put my application on March 6th the letter is dated April 6th and the deadline for the app was March 15th. We have a 7hr mandatory orientation on the 18th of May though. I will be taking copious notes and asking questions as much as possible. I also plan on getting a drug calc book to review over the summer and an Nclex review book for class.

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Congratulations on getting accepted! :yeah: