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Accepted FSCJ Summer 2010 Students

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to start a separate thread regarding our acceptance into the FSCJ (a.k.a. FCCJ) Summer 2010 "RN" program. I know we've all been posting to the "hopefuls" page but now that we aren't "hopefuls" anymore, and we're more like "stressfuls"... I thought I'd start a new page... JOIN ME! :)

I guess it is technically called something else other than "RN program" but... here we go anyway.

I'm still a bit confused as to whether, during orientation, I should be more focused on getting a hospital close to my house or a teacher that will be great during my first term.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this? I've always made the teacher my first priority but I'm curious as to whether or not, those of you who have been there, think that there is a big enough difference in teachers that we would be wise to drive for miles to get to a specific one.

Hi Misti!! :)

I was wondering the same thing about the teacher vs. hospital thing. I think since I'm in nights, there are only two choices, so it might not be as big of a deal for me, but I have the same concerns you have. I think if I knew ahead of time there might be a teacher that is a "don't take at all costs", but the clinical site is convenient, I would totally be willing to drive farther to get a better teacher if I had to. Maybe someone can give us a list?

I'm in nights too, so I don't have too much of a choice. How often will we be at clinicals? 1 x week?

I think I'll go with location over the teacher unless its one of the "DO NOT TAKE" ones.

I dont usually have problems with teachers. A lot of times when I go to ratemyprofessor and the teacher has a bad review and I take it, it isnt as bad as I expect it from reading the ratings. The bad ratings usually come from the people who find the class to be too hard and not the teacher being mean or whatever.

My first 2 choices would be St. Lukes or Memorial. Mayo also, if its a choice.

Yes this thread was definitly a good idea and STRESSFUL is the right word. I thought I had read somewhere that someone was able to look at their background check. I havent been able to do so, and I dont want any suprises!!! It just keeps saying pending. Oh well I guess Ill see it when FSCJ does.

This thread is a great idea. I hope everyone catches on to it.

As far as the teachers vs hospitals debate goes I'm worrying more about teachers as opposed to hospital. Clinicals are important but Im more concerned about my classes. Hopefully we'll get some guidance on the teachers prior to. Maybe If we meet we can get someone thats already in to meet with us as well. Just a thought.

Hi everyone! Congratulations again on making it into this term's program. I'm sure we are in for a wild and amazing ride :)

As far as professors go, I've read some posts from prior terms and they recommend going to ratemyprofessors.com to check out which professors fair better than others. I did some research and it certainly opened my eyes. One insightful poster in a previous thread even suggested bringing a list of the professor rankings to the orientation, which I thought was a great idea!

I agree with those of you also going to the night/weekends sessions that our choice will be very limited. I can't wait to meet my fellow allnurses.com posters at orientation :p

As far as Teachers - Rate my professor is a good option.

For Hospital choice - look at the schedule and see what fits you best. If you have clinicals on Tuesdays then you have to go to the hospital on Monday to pick up your assignment. Then you will spend the next 2-6 hours writing a care plan. The good thing about Tuesday clinicals is that you have just taken your exam for the week and can go into writing a care plan with a clear head. The bad thing about this is the testing schedule doesn't get you out of the exam until 4 in the afternoon, then you have to drive to your assigned hospital.......


Here is a list of Nursing Professors with info from Rate my professor.

May it serve you well!


Thank you so much, Jennifer!:yeah:


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