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Is anyone currently in an accelerated BSN program? I would like to know if anyone is working and in an accelerated program. I need to work part time to keep my benefits at work. Is this possible or is the program too intense to work 20 hrs a week. What is a typical week like at school?



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I checked out accelerated programs and found them to be too intense to allow me to care for my elementary school children much less keep my job. I think if you can give up working and perhaps cobra your benefits for a year maybe you can make it through the program. It will most likely take some very hefty student loans unless you are very weathy.

I was told that the Rush-Presbyterian program here in Chicago was 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday-Friday. If you worked, when would you study?


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Too intense.


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At our school they make those entering the accelerated program sign a committment that they will NOT work. Most of the students are taking 19 units a semester so there really isn't much time to work.


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There will not be enough time to either work or to have a life until after graduation, in my experience.


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I will be entering the Rush University (Chicago) program in January--it is the first year of the ABSN at Rush. There is no way you will be able to work a weekday job and do an accelerated program. I will be there 5 days a week, and have been told by Rush that I should expect to be in class or clinicals 30-40 hours a week. Then you have to study. The school clearly states that the program does not leave room for outside employment. I also have a son, so I will definitely not be working. In fact, I only have 3 more weeks left of work!

I will be getting health insurance for my family through Rush, since my husband is self-employed and is a stay-at-home dad for our son. It is not cheap, but it is cheaper than to COBRA my current insurance. I would think most schools would offer students health insurance especially since nursing students are required to have it.

So I guess you will need to decide how quickly you want to get through school. For myself, we could not afford for me to go full time for 2 years to go the regular route. And I did not want to wait longer to go part time will working.

Good luck!


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At the school I'm applying to for their accelerated program, they recommend you work no more than 8-12 hours/week. Most of the students there do NOT work, but there are some who do. They had a panel of students for us to ask questions of, and one of them worked part-time. Of course, plan on being overwhelmed. Some people do well with lots of time constraints (like me), but I'm going to try not to work while in school (fingers crossed)!

I'm in a one year accelerated BSN in Philly, and we are basically not allowed to work. There are a few people in my class who work like 10-15 hours a week anyway, but I have no idea how they get all their work done or much less have time to sleep. My advice is to take out a ton of loans (you can get a Sallie Mae Signature Loan to cover over the cost of tuition), and concentrate on your grades! Lots of hospitals are offering partial tuition reimbursement anyway!


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I have been accepted into an accelerated BSN program (3 semesters in lenght) and we are strongly advised against working, which is hard since I love my job as a CNA. However, it's also important to realize that while in the program we are learning a ton of information which we are going to need in the field and which others rely on us having so we can help them. It's a hard decision, but I would strongly recommend against working. There's just going to be too much that you will be required to do in the program.


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don't work. i graduated from an accelerated program and there is no time to work. the few people who did try to work in the program also flunked out. what i did was since i knew one year ahead of time that i was going to nursing shcool is i worked my butt off and put money in savings. then i lived off of that during my school year. good luck.


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I did an accelerated BSN program and did not work but several students in my program and did and we all graduated. If you need to work and you must or you wouldn't even be considering this... give it a try. I think it has to do more with the individual. You know yourself and whether or not you need to study 24/7 to "get it" or if you read fast and remember easily. You won't have time for much of a social life and you'll have to study every spare minute. It would also help if your job is incredibly flexible so that you can work around clinicals. Good luck!

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This is my first semester in a second degree program. It is also a fast track program for those of us who have degrees and want nursing as a second career. I am working 36 hours a week and school full time, so it is possible, and I have at least a 3.09 before finals. I work weekends, so it is possible. I am a Pediatric Care Technician (Nursing Assistant). Don't despair, it is possible, it just takes dedication. Next semester is tricky though with clinicals.

So I shall see.

Good Luck to all of those out there!!!

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