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About to take my NCLEX-PN!!

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Hello everyone. Last week I graduated from LVN school. I am still waiting on the ATT email to schedule to take the NCLEX. Every time I think about taking it I get knots and butterfly's in my stomach! I am so nervous I am going to fail it. I did pretty well in school, I made all B's and got a 92% chance on that ATI/capstone test but I've always had a problem with staying confident in myself. I try to stay calm and just relax which works until I start thinking about it again. Can anyone share their experiences or recommend any good study material? Currently I am using the NCLEX-PN app on my phone and I have a Saunders book that came with a CD. We also still have access to our ATI stuff but every time I use those I get so discouraged. I either fail them horribly or make between the 60-75 range. Thank you!!


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From our members responses, keeping your nerves under control is one of the secrets of passing this exam.

Just remember when your taking the test. You work at utopia hospital everything is perfect! So if anything is off like a lab value that is the answer. Don't over think it don't study the night before. Relax and good luck

Also for blood pressure on the test its best to know the map so u know if it's a normal range or not.

Speaking in generalities, broad strokes, each program 'leans' toward filling the needs of the tester.

For example, if you're someone who struggles with the content itself, the basic info, a program like Hurst is a good choice, at least according to many who have posted here that this is the case. If you have content down very well, but need help with prioritization, analyzing situations for the 'out of the box' kind of questions/answers, then Kaplan is a good choice. That program assumes you have the basic understandings of the material down, but need tweaking in order to apply the knowledge correctly.

Every program has had users who have passed, and every program has had users who have failed. Much depends on how YOU approach the exam, how you prepare in terms of knowing your weak areas and focusing. Dedicating a specific amount of time per day, and don't get distracted to the point where you skip studying....or don't make good use of the time.


By the way ATI is way harder than the actual nclex pn

Thanks everyone. I am scheduled to take it on Tuesday!