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Hello, i'm new to this site, i'm currently a pre nursing student. I just finished A&P 2 with an A....it wasn't easy, and I had a horrible instructed....I wanted to know if anyone can tell me about microbiology. My other classmate scared me about microbiology, but if I want to become a nurse some day, I don't have a choice


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This probably varies by school and by teacher but I personally did much better in Micro than I did in A&P. It's so tough to describe the course because I'm not sure how in depth your program/class goes with the class than others. I know my professor mentioned that ours was more basic/skimming the surface and if we wanted to learn more we had the option to take other classes relating to Micro at other universities. I really wouldn't stress! From what I've seen and read on here if you do well in A&P you will do well in Microbiology! :) It really is a fun course (it was my favorite so far!)


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I'm taking micro and A&P 2 right now and personally I think micro is much much harder than A&P 2. Sometimes the lectures complement each other, such as when talking about immunity, but I found I had to spend a lot more time studying for micro than A&P 2. However that's just my 2 cents. But as the previous poster said, the teacher can make or break a class. I have an amazing micro teacher and he's great at explaining the more difficult concepts. So ask around and get opinions on teachers. Good luck!


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Oh sorry I just realized you said you already finished A&P 2 :) well either way my opinion is the same!

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I loved Micro!! Don't be afraid of it. It's actually quite interesting, especially lab. I loved doing the "unknown" project at the end of the course. We were given a sample of 2 different bacteria and had to utilize what we learned to identify each one. Bonus points for correctly identifying in the least number of steps :D

The information you'll learn regarding antibiotics and the immune system will be very useful when you take Pharmacology for nursing school.

I got a A's in both my A+P classes but I studied all the time for it. I am just about done with Micro (just the final left to go) and I'm sitting right at the line between an A and B. My final will determine my score. I didn't study nearly as often as I did for A+P. Everyone told me that Micro would be harder but After studying my tush off for Anatomy and then the TEAS, I needed a mental break and kinda got lax with my studying. Personally, i thought Micro was way easier despite the fact that I might be getting a lower grade. I really enjoyed my micro class more than Anatomy.Like SopranoKris, we also did an unknown bacteria project. I was really nervous about it at first, because for us we have 5 different possibilities for bacteria and we had not determine which of the 5 we had chosen. Getting the correct bacteria alone was worth 30 percent of the grade so it was a little nerve wracking especially since I struggled more in the lab portion of the class. Just don't let anyone psych you out. I think if you can get an A in A+P you'll be fine in micro. Good luck!

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Good day:

For me, Microbiology was harder than AP1, AP2 in terms of there being a lot of information to organize and learn, yet at the same time easier because it was more hands on. I.e. rather than models or even slides someone else prepared, we had microorganisms that we often cultured, prepared our own slides, etc. As my Microbiology professor shared, it involved a lot of logic puzzles which made the class very interesting.

Thank you.

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I found micro to be easier and much more interesting than A&P. The concepts are not difficult. There is just a lot to know. Study a little bit every day. Get the objectives from your instructor and make sure you know that information. Good luck!


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If you earned an 'A' in A&P 2, even with bad instruction, then you can get an 'A' in micro. I'm finishing up micro right now and should be studying for my final. It's not difficult to understand, but it can be time consuming. I wouldn't want to take it with anything else that would take a lot of studying.


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I took A&P 1 and micro together. I will say it is difficult but pretty exciting. Did not have the best of teacher but had so much assignment and projects aside the lab. Had lots of class cancelations due to bad weather. It made me focus more on micro. Came out with A in both classes but boy did I study.It wasn't just about passing for me. it was about understanding the world beyond our sense of sight and what goes on there. Just try to be mesmerized by the staff we cannot see with our naked eyes and ask more questions. You be fine. Micro Rocks.


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I have heard horror stories that A&P was a cakewalk compared to Microbiology. Apologize actually known someone who took it twice and helped, but really really really dragged due to repetitiveness the material stuck though.


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I received an A in AP 1&2 and an A in Micro. The A in micro was much easier to get! The class is so interesting, I really looked forward to it every day. My professor said that Microbiology is usually an indicator how you will do in nursing school. The class overall is very interesting. You learn about different bacteria, antibiotic effects on bacteria. We studied viruses and diseases they cause. Like another person said, we also had an unknown project where we used different tests to identify what bacteria we were given. The class is great! I hope you love it!! :) Good luck!