Can someone point me in the direction to find out the difference (if there is one) between an ABG and a BGE. I have done a quick google search and also searched allnurses, but haven't been able to find anything for BGE.

We had a code last week, and everyone was trying to decide whether to run an ABG or a BGE, I guess because one of the results is faster.


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hmmm... never heard of BGE... interested to hear other's responses! :)


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just a guess but blood gas & electroytes??


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Only link I found worth reading:

New Blood Gas And Electrolyte Analyzer From Roche

Unless you've got someone in your blood gas lab with a stick up their butt, there's no reason an ABG + electrolytes can't be done stat and completed within a few minutes. I'm not sure what machine they use but it's never been an issue.


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I was wondering if it was Bedside Gas & Electrolytes like on an Istat? We can get results at the bedside in 2 minutes.

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We just call that an ICU panel. We can get the lactic with that, too. It's very useful.


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Tango lima prob ment a venous blood gas? VBG? never heard of that abbreviation


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vbg?...bge?...thats a negative ghost rider..never heard of them.