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  1. Nuggets of Wisdom

    Actually they are going quite well, thank you. Enjoy your new year.
  2. Nuggets of Wisdom

    You've read wrong apparently, as I never "tattled." I didn't even see the MDA until my CRNA called them because of the unexpected complication. The MDA later told me they wish they'd been called earlier to help back us (well, maybe me) up and interve...
  3. Nuggets of Wisdom

    So when we're having patient issues and my CRNA asks the RN to call the MDA to the room, they are calling them in so that their practice can be controlled? Um, no. It's to have someone else with similar training to bounce ideas off. I've seen CRNA's ...
  4. Nuggets of Wisdom

    I am in no way saying MDA's are more qualified to do care than CRNA's. I hate calling my MDA for anything, but if you need 'em, they are there. That's all my post was really trying to say.
  5. Nuggets of Wisdom

    Because that would go over smooth as butter, I'm sure. Threatening to walk out of the room is sure to get you a glowing review. Aside from all the legal BS, an ACT practice is a collaborative practice and I don't think there's anything wrong bringing...
  6. Nuggets of Wisdom

    I forgot how anti-MDA this site is. If you don't think offering advice to fellow students that an MDA is a resource if you need them, you're a lost cause. I guess it's better to ignore a problem to please your CRNA for the day so you can be assigned...
  7. Nuggets of Wisdom

    Then the circumstances change. I have yet to work in such a facility, but I'm really looking forward to it to see how different things are run.
  8. Nuggets of Wisdom

    I'm an SRNA in my second semester now, so I can't offer up much, but I did learn this one the hard way last week. This applies to fellow SRNA's: If your surgeon is doing something that makes you uncomfortable and your CRNA seems to be complacent abou...
  9. conscious pt terminal wean

    If the patient is deemed competent and wants to give up the fight, they have the right to make that choice. Terminal weans usually get enough Morphine to be out of it, but usually not enough to cause the death itself. I've seen orders written "titrat...
  10. What classes beef up my application the most?

    Wow, I thought it was standard for a BSN program to have an individual pharm class. If you haven't had one, yes, definitely take one. It will help you out dramatically then in the anesthesia program. I live and breathe pharmacology at this point in m...
  11. Asking for letters of recommendations

    It's completely fine to ask for a recommendation from your manager after a year. That's how my manager was. Any manager who refuses to write a letter after a year, knowing you are still giving a full two years as they originally requested, is just be...
  12. What classes beef up my application the most?

    Retake whatever you need that you did not receive an A for the first time around. Having a 4.0 in your science prerequisites is pretty much a must around here, despite schools saying you need a B or better. Grad level patho and pharm are a waste of y...
  13. ICU Experience Question

    Contact programs you're interested in and ask them. Experience expectations differ so drastically from school to school. From what I have seen, most places want full-time ICU experience for 1-2 years.
  14. Prolonged use of paralytics I have had that one saved for some time now. I don't think it addresses exactly what you're looking for (prolonged NM blockade) but it brings up a lot of very good points. Wor...
  15. Inquiry about breaking bad news

    Also, gotta say I was disappointed. I was expecting this thread to be about Breaking Bad.