AANP Certfication Exam ( I failed it)


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My name is Jamie and I have been an ER nurse for 7 years. I took the AANP exam yesterday April 3 and failed it. I am extremely sick to my stomach about this. How can I fail this exam? I was a 4.0 GPA student during my MSN/FNP program. I took Fitzgerald review update course 3 days long. I have her CDS and her review book. I have Hollier, many guideline books and so many quiz books as well. My weakness has always been test taking. I know the material. I have to say this exam I took yesterday was like NO OTHER! There were questions on the exam I have never seen before. I guessed on more than half of the questions. There was maybe a handful of questions I said WOW I know this one.

So I need help! Where do I begin now? I need 15 Ce's I guess and then I need to re take the test. Anybody who has failed this exam I would love to talk to you. Also anyone who has taken it and passed I would love to talk to you. I am just so depressed. The sad part is my job in the ER as an FNP has been waiting for me for months. I hope that they do not pass me by because of this.

I am just so depressed! I cant believe it... I studied so much that I have not spent much time with family or my friends. I was really looking forward to being me again.

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So sorry to hear what you have been through. I actually took the ANCC exam about 4 months ago. I did ok, but it was extremely difficult in that I also have a hard time with test taking. I have very bad test anxiety. In the end I passed, but it was an emotionally draining process. I can just remember the day of the exam, I was worn out and I had no choice but to take it in the evening, which is not the best for me - I normally test better in the morning. I was so anxious during the exam that I started to forget things whlie I was taking my test. I don't know if you had the same experience while you were testing.

Does the AANP give you a compilation of questions you got wrong and areas for review? If not, since you have taken the exam once already, you have some idea of what they will ask you next time. In addition to the Fitzgerald course, I also used the Leik book and the zerwekh book as well. The zerwekh book had a lot of extra questions which were very helpful. It should be easier the next time you take it.

I would start by taking a break. You deserve it. Don't look back. It will make you more depressed. And your probably very burnt out from studying. Take at least 3 weeks off of studying. You need to gather your thoughts together and recover after what you have been through. After that, I would set up a plan to study. I would try some different books that you haven't looked at already. Another thing I did was review my class notes. I know it's not very popular, but it did help me and a friend of mine who I studied with. I actually studied my class notes first, then I reviewed from reading the review books, and then the last thing I did was take the practice tests.

But first, take some time off of studying. Take a vacation, go out with your friends, go see a movie, and just have some fun. You have been through a lot and you need a break. :)


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Hang in there!!!!! I am sorry, I can't imagine how hard this is........but hang in there, don't give up!!!! Take it one day at a time!!


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Thanks guys! Its just like a way blow... Its depressing to know that your a masters prepared nurse and you can't even pass a test. I was anxious before but thats because I know how I am when it comes to test taking. There was so much information on this exam that I have never even heard of. I just want to be certified already. This is really going to hold me up as an ER FNP! My job has been waitting for me. I feel like such a failer! BUT I have to know that God has a plan. I just have to pray about it. I will look into those other books and go from there. THANK YOU:nurse:


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You sound like a clone of exactly what happened to me. i will email you tomorrow.


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DixieCup--If you have a minute, any advice? i am getting freaked out by hearing these stories! I have a bad bad feeling about this exam...I sit in a couple of weeks..just don't know where to focus right now. There's just sooo much!


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Hey Jamie,

I just took my test today, AANP. Unfortunately, I failed the test myself. Like you, I am so depressed and worried. I thought I will nail it since I've been studying hard. I want to retake my test asap. When are you taking yours? how long did you have to wait? pls reply asap.


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Something just does not seem right here. I always thought that failing the test was the exception instead of the norm, but it seems like tooooo many people are failing of late. I think they need to re-evaluate the test templates or something.

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It happens. Just get back into the books, maybe do the Kaplan review if you haven't, and take it again... I liked Kaplan's as it taught me how to take the test instead of focusing on content. But first, go get a drink!!!


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Ditto. I'm another clone. Straight A student and I failed the AANP/FNP exam earlier this pm, or should I say yesterday now. It's 3 am and I'm still up. I woke up with palpations and chest pains and was just so anxious during the whole exam that I could not think straight. I just panicked.

Like you, I was offered a position in May and they are waiting for me to take the exam. I haven't told them that I've taken it. Do you know how long we have to wait to retake it? I need to do it ASAP so I don't lose the job offer. After we pass, sounds like it will take another 3 weeks to get the official confirmation, then we have to apply for the license which will take another month. This whole ordeal can take another 3 months. I'm just so tired. I was so looking forward to finally spending time with my little one without worrying that I have to study.


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Start doing the required CE's NOW and get them sent in. I took the test again in exactly six weeks from the first one. Had a job one week later!


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Do you feel that it was the same exam or different set of questions?