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ERandAestheticFNP has 7 years experience and specializes in ER and Aesthetics.

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  1. AANP Certification Exam

    Hey I did not pass my exam as well. I just got my results and I took my test April 3. I went to AANP education page, free CE for non members, I did all 15 within a few days. I am mailing off my stuff today. Let me know if you need anything. JamieRil...
  2. Emergency Nurse Practitioner programs?

    I think it also helps who you know. I was an ER RN for 6 yrs in the ER prior to becoming an FNP in the ER. I have amazing trainning. I know a great deal and I am proud to say I am an NP and not a PA. Yes we are similar in the ER. yes they come out wi...