A week til DOOOOMS DAY!!!

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just one week left til the dreaded NCLEX exam...hearst pounding :redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe:heartbeat:heartbeat:redbeathe...any points to ponder???anyone...?


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I am taking it tomorrow. The day before the exam take as much time to relax and de-stress yourself as you can. Get a massage, go to a movie, exercise or whatever you like to do to have fun (that doesn't involve alcohol). Prayer also helps big time! Also, the night before the test and the day, stay off-line! The goal is to be as relaxed as possible for the exam.


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haha i take mine next tuesday tooo!!! i am actually counting down the days because i have been preparing every day for this test for 2 months ahh!!! the day before i plan on getting a manicure/pedicure, relaxing, laying out, maybe going out to eat.. whatever will keep my mind off of it! hahah i know i will be extremely nerrrvous!! goodluck to you!!!! :)


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thank you for the advise, i will surely follow them and hopefully we'd be able to perform well during the exam...good luck to the both of you and i would like to congratulate you two in advance:yeah::yeah::yeah:...i know we all can make it...ciao..:up::up::up:


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I take it next Wednesday, and I am verrrrrrrrrrrrryyy nervous as well. The advance everyone else gave is helping me now too. You know what else I keep remembering, what's meant to be willl be and all u can do is do ur part. Kepp ur head up my next wekk crew. We can do this!!:yeah:

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