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A week before my exam...


I am scheduled to take my exam on the 30th on this month. I graduated last month and have been studying for a month but hard core for the last three weeks.

I can't tell that I feel confident because I don't and by reading others concerns I don't think that I will. What I can say is that I have checked out from studying. I am physically and emotionally tired. Perhaps my exhaustion is the reason why I almost feel indifferent to this process. Believe me, I want to pass my exam (my pockets need me to pass). But I am not sure that my brain can take it. I exercise and meditate.

Do you guys have any other suggestions to get back into focus and finish off the week strong?

I too studied for a little over a month prior to taking boards and I felt the same way towards the end. Maybe take a day (or two) to just get your mind off of the exam...exercise...watch your favorite movies...and then just focus on doing practice questions or reviewing content where you feel you are weak. I don't know anyone who has gone into this exam feeling 100% confident. Just try your best and know that you prepared to the best of your ability. Best wishes to you...


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I agree about taking a day or two to recharge. I hit that wall, too, and it took allowing myself a little break and then really buckling down to get back to it.

Thank you guys. I took yesterday off. I'm back at it today. Still not in the mood, just want to get this exam done and over with.

I think we all go through that. I agree that a day or two off will help, and no one feels like going back to it after taking a break. Try studying a different way. If you study at home now, move to a library. If you study alone, try studying with classmates who are in the same boat as you. Switching it around like that really helped me as much as a day off did. It keeps you fresh, especially when you study with friends. After we had finished all of the Kaplan, we quizzed each other from the qbank and hearing other students' thoughts on the rationale really helped also.

I reeeaaaaallly want it to be Monday already.:nailbiting::eek:


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I take mine Monday also Jazzyjazz!!!! I'm anxious and scared!!!!

I've already rescheduled once. I wish I was taking it today so that I could end the agony.

I feel like I am being tortured slowly by my anxiety.