A Review of Kaplan vs Hurst vs UWorld - I Used All 3

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When I passed the NCLEX-RN I promised I would come back, like others, to give a thorough breakdown of how each method worked for me. Took it a few weeks ago for the first time and passed it in 75 questions.

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Purple_roses said:
Thank you for this!

My school makes us buy Kaplan. I've found that the Q-bank questions are good for figuring out what I know and don't know, but I agree that the rationales suck. I usually look things up in the Kaplan NCLEX book. Their focused review tests, however, provide very detailed rationales (for anyone wondering). I'm in the process of doing all of the focuses review tests for Peds and OB, just to brush up a bit more. I'll also be finishing out the rest of the Kaplan program pretty soon here.

I really think I might buckle down and get U-World. I didn't want to shell out the extra cash because money is pretty tight right now (graduation scrubs, pin, and NCLEX fees are killing me). But if a one month subscription is $80, I might just do it. From your experience, when would you suggest starting it? I was planning on starting U-World after finishing most of Kaplan. Maybe I should be doing them concurrently though?

Anyway, congrats on passing NCLEX! And good luck to everyone else!

No problem! Glad to hear your input. As for when to start U-World, I definitely wished I had started U-World sooner in my studying sprint than I did. I waited until less than 2 before my test date to start since it was a last minute decision to buy it, and I realized that U-World would have helped me understand a lot of topics that I had trouble remembering in Hurst/Kaplan. Concurrently would be a good idea. I sorta alternated days for those last two weeks - Kaplan one day, Hurst the next, U-World q's every day-ish in addition to doing the Kaplan/Hurst tests. And I would set aside whole days to review U-World's extensive answer explanations. Thank you ? And good luck to you too!



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Makes me glad I made the right decision to just purchase UWorld instead of Hurst. A lot of my friends used Hurst and recommended it, but looking it up online, the qBank didn't seem to be good. I didn't know anyone who used Kaplan so I never considered it. The biggest factor was the price, and since I am Canadian, the USD currency made the price of Hurst upwards to $600 CAN.

I can't stress enough how amazing Uworld was, and it was the reason why I passed the first time.

Hi I'm taking 4 weeks from now. I'm still working but will stop for a while 2 weeks before the test . I failed twice already and I'm so scared . I'm cramming already. With uworld do you think I would pass:( desperate here



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How long did you study for?