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can you wear a long sleeved under your uniform. I get pretty cold lol.


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It depends on the instructor, we wear a long white lab coat and we are allowed to wear long sleeves under it but I feel it makes it look very unprofessional. Plus, nursing homes/hospitals are usually pretty warm.

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We're not allowed to wear long sleeves under our scrub tops. However, we do have a white lab coat to put on if we get too cold.

It really depends on the program though. Some allow it, others done.


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It depends on the individual school -- dress codes differ from school to school.

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Ask the school, but here's a problem. . .infection control. Your hands and wrists are going to be touching contaminated stuff all throughout your clinical time. How are you going to keep the distal ends of your long sleeves clean and aseptic and not pass any cooties on to unsuspecting patients?

you should def check your dress code. ours permits it because of the tatoo issue, so then everyone can. i prefer a 3/4 sleeve in the winter and usually wear a white tank in the summer, mainly because of the modesty issue with the thin white fabric and to keep myself warm in the winter.


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Like everyone else said..it depends on your program and instructor. Personally though...you will probably get so busy on the floor that you will get hot and will regret sleeves, lol. I usually do.

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You have asked about a UK program in another thread, if in the UK it will depend on the university policy but I can't remember seeing anyone wearing long sleeves as part of the uniform. To be honest I found the hospitals warm enough for working

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Jim I take it you'll be working in the UK, in that case no you won't be allowed to wear long sleeves and will have to conform to the hospital dress code. Most of them are short sleeve tunic style uniforms.

UK hospitals tend to like you to be bear to the elbows for infection prevention and control reasons

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