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Hi everyone:). I notice you all give great advice so i feel comfortable posting on here. As you all know I started my first CNA job 5 months ago. It hasnt been very easy let me tell you! And it's the co-workers that cause more problems then I can ever immagine. But I have kept my mouth shut, and ignored their rude comments and behavior. If the other CNA's dont like you, they will get you fired, and out that door! I have seen how quickly they can gang up on you. My problem is this one particular CNA. He has been a CNA for a few years and thinks he knows EVERYTHING. He's rude and lazy too. He expects you to do extra work of his, and if you dont he will throw a hissy fit. When I asked him for help with changing a heavy patient he looked at me and said "you need to toughen up". I asked him what he ment... and he replied that I should learn how to change heavy patients by myself if I want to last around here. And I told him I'am not the only one to ask for help with changing this patient. He tried to play stupid with me after that. Whenever I work with him he makes several other rude comments too. And the comments are getting to me. Yesterday I was so irritated by him that I wanted to cry. He doesnt work my schedule (THANK GOD) he just picks up extra days on my shift when someone calls off. WHICH I HATE! Also, I work with his cousin and brothers wife. So everyone that I work with is kinda related. I want to snap back at him, but I am afraid they may all gang up on me. What would you all do in this situation. Oh and I heard he is my supervisor's favorite aide! So I feel discouraged reporting him to our nurse manager.

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Are you a pushover? Because I am and the only time I have ever gotten results when someone is taking advantage of me or treating me badly is by telling people off. Even if this guy is your supervisor's favorite, I doubt anything bad is going to happen if you start asserting yourself. Supervisors have better things to do than mediate personality conflicts between CNAs so they usually blow these things off.


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I agree with fuzzywuzzy when I worked in LTC the only time I got results with those kind of people was by growing thick skin and not taking no for an answer.


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Throwing out a few mild profanities has worked faster for me than anything else I've tried. However, it can also blow up in your face quite easily, especially if the other person is a major drama queen/king ("Oh Mrs. Supervisor, you'll never guess who just cussed me out. It was so terrible, make it stop. :crying2:").


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Alright that settles it then. Right now I dont care about getting fired or people ganging up on me. Im so tired of being walked on by other CNA's and I need to speak up. I work with him next week, and Im not going to stay quiet the next time he is rude, or expects me to do his work. Im sure after I tell him off the incident will go to our supervisor.:cool: Write you all back and tell you what happens. Thanks for the advice.


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Throwing out a few mild profanities has worked faster for me than anything else I've tried. However, it can also blow up in your face quite easily, especially if the other person is a major drama queen/king ("Oh Mrs. Supervisor, you'll never guess who just cussed me out. It was so terrible, make it stop. :crying2:").

Wow! Well at least you had the guts to say it.


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I saw that supervisors mostly would tell people to settle it themselves. Or they would look at you while you talked, then ignore everything you said. For that matter, I do not recall ever, that a supervisor did anything about CNAs who did not work well together. Based on what you said in your post, I would just do what has been suggested, speak up for yourself and be firm about it. It also would not hurt to look for a new place to work. At least at a new place, you would not have this particular group to deal with.


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If nothing else, do not do his work. This is a common tactic of the lazy. Do not allow him to treat you this way. The time you take to do his work detracts from the work you should be doing on your own assignment. Your assigned residents deserve your full attention.


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I know what you mean. To be honest, just ignore him. I've worked with someone this one time and she would only talk to me to say what I am doing wrong. She would say it in the meanest way possible. The worst thing is that the management/bosses love her. The way I got some respect at my facility is by complaining to my supervising CNA and nurse about the previous shift. I did that at the beginning but now I've stopped. It worked at my facility but I have to write that I am blessed that we don't have a lot of drama and we work as a team most of the time.

If you can, ask some other CNA for help. Seniority seems to play a factor in this situation. If he asks you to do something for him, don't do it and explain why. Maybe something will sink in.


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Do we work at the same place?? I was starting to dread going to work till I started raising my voice at the hospitals gang.


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It is so funny to read this because when I first started at my rehab facility, the CNA's and the charge LPN on the night shifts were total b******!! Being a nice, kind-hearted person, lol, I brushed it off, but like any person who gets bullied and put into a corner you can only bite your tongue for so long. So, one night I went in, right off of orientation, and they had a conversation between themselves about how slow I was and I need to hurry the f*** up, and how I had a lot of mistakes. I slammed the med room door open and said, let me f****** tell you something, if you have a problem with me then say it to my face because I'm not dealing with this high school catty bitchiness. I also showed them real well how good and quickly I learned everything, because the one CNA went home early that night, and I was left alone with 11 get ups. I drank about 3 Monsters, and just did it, and that shut the nurse right up. I did go right to the sup that morning, and told her what I said, and she said, good, she needs to be put in her spot sometimes. She no longer messes with me, and the other CNA and I are friends, we just went tanning yesterday at 730a after our shift! Go figure! :idea:

Just stand up for yourself, I know easier said than done, but really most people just talk the talk, and when sometimes bites back they lay off.


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This must be a common problem with the Lazy CNA's out there...I'm a new CNA at a hospital (this is my first week on my own) and I've noticed (even during my Orientation no less!) that some of the LAZY CNAs will do try to get you to do "their" job....but they will also do anything not to help you do yours....They expect a team player when it comes to them or one of their "gang"'s patients but when you ask for help then there is a "I" in that so-called "Team" After not even one month (3 weeks orientating and 3 days by myself) I'm noticing when I ask for help lifting/transferring a patient I get the "glossed over deer in the headlight" look, followed with comments such as "your have to learn how to do it by yourself" or the classic "I have my own patients". Best yet was yesterday when a floater CNAs came to find me while I was in the middle of my break eating to tell you that my patient needs to be changed and put in bed. And here I thought that your so-called "team mates" were supposed to take care of your patient's needs while you were away off the floor on break? Not come and tell you in the middle of your break that the patient needs to have his poopy behind cleaned when you get back and that she has her "own patients to take care of" So I guess her philosophy is to let the man sit in his own poop for another 0 - 15 minutes. How disgusting! I certainly hope some CNA doesn't make her sit in her poop for 10 -15 minutes when she gets older!