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So I'm a CNA student, I'm doing my clinicals and my teacher is so blunt and harsh. I had a hard time the first few days because I was adjusting to the facility, how they do things, etc. I have really bad anxiety so patient interaction was hard for me, because I don't like confrontation, so ex. passing out breakfast asking if they are ready to eat and if they snappily said no, I would say OK I'll come back in a bit. But she was not happy with that, telling me I have to get them up, even if they don't want to. I asked how I'm doing in clinicals and she told me I'm just over the passing line as of right now but she hasn't seen me do much patient care. I feel like I haven't been given the opportunity to do much, because the CNAS precepting us don't really want students and just want to wham bam thank you maam get things done. Which I understand. The facility we are at also has LVN students coming everyday so it's definitely crowded. I am giving my absolute ALL. And I feel like my teacher just thinks I'm falling behind. I've been coming home crying because I feel like she's telling other people "good job" "keep it up" and with me it's eh try harder. But I physically can't try harder. I don't think I'm a slow learner, my anxiety gets in the way a little but I'm getting better, and it hurts when you are trying so hard to no prevail. I just want to be done!! But she is making me feel like I will never be a good CNA. My feelings are just hurt. Any advice? 

You sound like you're doing great under the tough circumstances. It is not easy to be in the hot seat as a student. I don't have a lot of helpful advice except to hang in there. So long as you're meeting your competencies and continuing to work on bedside manner (ie managing anxiety), I would not worry about this particular phase too much. It will pass. And remember, you're allowed to make mistakes right now, it's why you have a preceptor. So remember why you AND your preceptor are there: to learn and to teach. You got this! 

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