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  1. looking for a state prison job, but am reluctant

    They get hundreds of appicants. If you have a priscription for the drug, they have hundreds that don't and with much more experience. You can always try.
  2. Cna state prison

    I used to work at a prison before I made the BIG mistake of going to work for a hospital. I would get the charts ready for the admits (inmates). When the inmates where in the facility, I would take vitals. I would do 1/2 rounds and change a diaper fo...
  3. Can't communicate with the new nurses

    My unit just hired three new nurses fresh from the philipines. Everytime I try to tell them something important about a patient they don't comprehend what I, or the patient is saying. I also don't understand what they're telling the patient...and bot...
  4. Third shift. Less drama, less work. There's not much to do at night shift.
  5. A problem at work.

    Do we work at the same place?? I was starting to dread going to work till I started raising my voice at the hospitals gang.
  6. Im interested in EDUKAN.

    Edukan is a group of community colleges in the state of Kansas. You select a community college to hold your transcripts/student record out of the 5. The final in the class is usually proctored. You can go to a community college in your area and ask t...
  7. Good idea to quit job to become a cna?

    I also learned to love my CNA job. I had many jobs as well, such teacher's aide, pre-school teacher, special education aide, middle school substitute teacher. I gotta say, I would take the CNA job over any of those. You get a load of ungrateful patie...
  8. I have lost all hope and passion.

    Hang in there! With time yous hould feel better. I was really discouraged my first 3 months on the job, but the more I do it, the more I like it. I had a rough first three months with 10-18 patients at times because the unit was short. I stayed ther...
  9. CNA or LVN?

    It was this year in January when I got the 7 offers. One from the county, 4 from the state and 2 in Santa Barbara and the one I kept in Santa Clarita. I did have a certification though. ..and totally recomend you to do so too.
  10. Post B.S. Low GPA and A Few Low Pre-Req

    Where there's a will, there's a way. Find out if you can re-take Micro, if you can't challege it. I've seen people get in programs with all Cs. A lady who was applying to a program, I applied to she had a D in Micro and re-take of a C and got in the ...
  11. CNA or LVN?

    I work in a hospital in California as a CNA. I make $13.75/hr in the morning shift. The noc shift pays .75 more. I'll go to nights soon because I think it's a lot easier than mornings. Anyway, our hospital will give the last 5 LVNs in the hospital un...
  12. I feel like there is nothing more to learn here.

    I agree. Some hospitals don't require experience. Keep in mind, some are very hectic and everyday is different, but you'll learn alot more than tha tuypical ADLs. How to give oxygen, place tele monitors, ekgs, finger sticks and other stuff. jus...
  13. What do you do on your break?

    I drive home to eat lunch. I'm only 4 minutes away from the hospital where I work.
  14. SMELL

    Shaving cream on top of the mask. Cover the shaving cream placing another mask on top.
  15. Patronizing coworkers!

    I'm with you on this one 200% !!!!! Last Saturday, I had a day just like yours. I called in sick on Sunday. I can't take it anymore.