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  1. y&rfan84

    Getting over mistakes

    Hmmm mistakes lets see. These are kinda stupid really. Just the other day, I forgot to pass out clothing protecters durring a meal time. Resident became very dirty with gravy and potatoes spilled down his shirt. Daughter walks in and see's him at the table. She is upset and states she is going to report the incident. Oh well. I was in a hurry and forgot to pass them out! lol! Another one. Forgot to make a few beds in the morning oneday and the floor nurse finds me and gives me a verbal lashing. I havent made serious, serious mistakes but I know oneday I will.
  2. y&rfan84

    FED UP CNAS!!!!

    There is a lot of that on my shift. There are 3 aides that really do it, and it's so annoying! They talk about our supervisor, but at the same time they are at the nurses station licking her butt. Makes we want to go in there and ring their necks and tell them to get back on the floor and work! Grrrrr!!
  3. y&rfan84

    FED UP CNAS!!!!

    I've been disrespected ever since I took on my first CNA job 8 months ago. Im so tired of people getting mad because I ask for help with the hoyers. When among their clique they happily help eachother! I get talked about behind my back constantly. I try to do as much as I can by myself without bothering the other aides. And that's not enough! Im still labled badly! It's like a high school where I work. And no it's not just me. Another new aide who was hired a few months ago they treat her like crap too. They eagerly report her and say awful things about her to our supervisor. Im ready to just look for another job that is less stressful. Im so fed up I really dont want to work as a cna anymore. Another job in a different field sounds nice.
  4. y&rfan84

    A problem at work.

    Wow! Well at least you had the guts to say it.
  5. y&rfan84

    A problem at work.

    Alright that settles it then. Right now I dont care about getting fired or people ganging up on me. Im so tired of being walked on by other CNA's and I need to speak up. I work with him next week, and Im not going to stay quiet the next time he is rude, or expects me to do his work. Im sure after I tell him off the incident will go to our supervisor. Write you all back and tell you what happens. Thanks for the advice.
  6. y&rfan84

    A problem at work.

    Hi everyone:). I notice you all give great advice so i feel comfortable posting on here. As you all know I started my first CNA job 5 months ago. It hasnt been very easy let me tell you! And it's the co-workers that cause more problems then I can ever immagine. But I have kept my mouth shut, and ignored their rude comments and behavior. If the other CNA's dont like you, they will get you fired, and out that door! I have seen how quickly they can gang up on you. My problem is this one particular CNA. He has been a CNA for a few years and thinks he knows EVERYTHING. He's rude and lazy too. He expects you to do extra work of his, and if you dont he will throw a hissy fit. When I asked him for help with changing a heavy patient he looked at me and said "you need to toughen up". I asked him what he ment... and he replied that I should learn how to change heavy patients by myself if I want to last around here. And I told him I'am not the only one to ask for help with changing this patient. He tried to play stupid with me after that. Whenever I work with him he makes several other rude comments too. And the comments are getting to me. Yesterday I was so irritated by him that I wanted to cry. He doesnt work my schedule (THANK GOD) he just picks up extra days on my shift when someone calls off. WHICH I HATE! Also, I work with his cousin and brothers wife. So everyone that I work with is kinda related. I want to snap back at him, but I am afraid they may all gang up on me. What would you all do in this situation. Oh and I heard he is my supervisor's favorite aide! So I feel discouraged reporting him to our nurse manager.
  7. y&rfan84

    What you'd REALLY like to say....

    To the CNA who wheels my resident up to me, and saids "he smells, and needs to be changed". Well, if he "smells" why dont you be a nice team player, and change him for me. I've got other people to change and a million other things to do. Do you think you could f*cking do that for me? I answer your call lights and toilet your people when you're not around or busy. Why dont you help ME for once! It sure would be nice if ya could!
  8. y&rfan84

    very irritated with my job!

    One of my residents did not want to get up in the morning. I went, and told the nurse. Thankfully, she didnt make ME force him to get up! They bug him all week for therapy, and appointments he deserves to have a nice day and relax.:)
  9. y&rfan84

    What you'd REALLY like to say....

    an aide told me he was quicker than me, and that i should take 30 minutes getting everyone up! im sorry but i wash my residents up, and do good care. so yes that makes me slow, but i like to take my time getting them all up. as long as i'am in the dining room "on time" helping the other aides serve breakfast he can go jump in the lake!
  10. y&rfan84

    significant other dont understand how stressful cna work can b

    Agreed, It really does!:)
  11. y&rfan84

    What do you do on your break?

    Sometimes, I go outside to talk on my cell phone. Other times I eat in the breakroom.
  12. y&rfan84

    significant other dont understand how stressful cna work can b

    The only problem I have with my husband is that he wants some fun time in the bedroom when I come home. I get off from work, and I just want to relax and he gets mad! Oh well! I just worked 12 hours he can get over it.
  13. y&rfan84

    Patronizing coworkers!

    Yup, yup. I went through this yesterday. I was sitting at the table feeding at breakfast, and another CNA tells me that when he has my side he is able to get up people quicker than me. And that I should take 30 minutes getting them all up. I just responded well some people are quicker than others! He then proceeded to go on and on I just zoned out and ignored him. He's lucky state was in our facility because that was all I could think about! Otherwise, I would have told him something!
  14. Sometimes, some of the workers I worked with can be quite mean to the patients/residents! There was this one incident where I was helping a co-worker put someone into bed. Well, he didnt stand up fast enough and she started yelling at him. And then when we layed him down she roughly moved his head over to the pillow and yelled at him again. This same CNA also slammed someone in the chair by using the hoyer lift and actually laughed when the lady screamed out because it hurt. Another time was when I was going to put the pillow under this lady's legs and I didnt mind doing it for her. Well, the night aide steps in and grabs the pillow from me and yells at the lady to lift her feet! Then I go and put the covers over her and she snatches the covers out of my hand and roughly puts them over the lady! Throwing the covers in her face and all. Then she turns to me and mentions that I shouldnt kill myself for these people. To me that sounded like she is there just for the paycheck. I just think this is the wrong job for some. I worked with other CNA's who are nice to their patients and give great care others seem to not give a d*mn.
  15. y&rfan84

    How far do you travel for work??

    About 20 minutes if I go the speed limit.
  16. y&rfan84

    how do you wear your hair when going to work as a cna

    In a messy ponytail, and I dont wear makeup. Im there to work not to find a boyfriend or husband. Some of the CNA's I work with get up too early to do their hair and makeup nicely. Not me.