A and P 2 cardiovascular system heart is a pain


Any one else think A and P 2 is particularly easy until cardiovascular heart? I am putting in most of the time at least 20 hours a week just in Anatomy and physiology. I might just be spent from all the hours. I said it before this is the only class you can put 20 hours a week i n and not pull an A. I'm taking spanish and will most likely end with an A or A minus. developmental psych is not to difficult, and prep chem is mad easy.


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When I took it, what got me was all technical stuff like cardiac rhythms. Just keep going at it its not impossible. I finished both A&P classes with an A. I used to search for online quizzes for extra help.

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I never found A & P easy. A&P 2 was the only class I ever got a B in. The cardiovascular system is difficult to learn because it really drills into the cellular level.

You know what.. that B doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Getting a B is just fine.

Perhaps speak with your academic advisor on how to spend your study time.

Good luck.. breathe.. you've got this:up:

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We did the Cardiovascular system in 2 weeks. The rest of the body systems we finished in a week each. Most of it is remembering the circulatory flow and the electrical conduction system plus all of the anatomic components of the system. Try quizlet or just google search for information. I also bought a really cool anatomy coloring book at Barnes & Noble that helped a lot.

I am taking anp2 now. We are working on the cardiovascular system also. I don't find it that difficult. For lecture I focus more on understanding why things work and I watch YouTube videos to help me visually. And for lab I record the models. Take pictures of them and watch them over and over again.

I found endocrine and nervous systems more difficult than cardiovascular. What's tripping you up, the anatomy or the physiology?

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My advice is don't just memorize them, you need to really *understand* all of your pre-reqs. I'm in first semester nursing school and I can't believe how much we need to remember from A&P, DevPsych and Micro! It is assumed you know these concepts, and we use them daily to build care plans and use NANDA.

Use KhanAcademy, Crashcourse, other reliable video and web resources to help you answer, "what is happening here, why, what needs to happen next?"

Good Luck!!

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You guys are all so smart! As a soon-to-be old person, I'm so glad you'll be managing my care. :yes: