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how is the Lifestyle of an RN.

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Well, let's see. After the hair and makeup people are done, the TV crew follows me around all day. They annoy me and it's hard to fit the camera guy in my car with all the other stuff, but we manage. Sometimes the boom mic falls into my sterile field during a dressing change and I yell, but I think they do it on purpose for the drama. After work, we get dressed up and dine at whatever is the "in" five-star restaurant of the week, and Gordon Ramsey usually shows up at some point. That guy , sheesh, whatta mouth! After some time spent clubbing--never waiting in line, dahling--we mosey on home and I get my nightly full-body massage, hoping that Sven the Masseur isn't a paparazzi in disguise. After I'm bathed, perfumed, and powdered, I spend the rest of the night in silk sheets, listening to carefully prepared, motivational subliminal recordings: "I'm glad I'm a nurse. I enjoy helping people. Everyone is useful. Even doctors provide a service."


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Lifestyle: a 25 yr old been a nurse for bout a year. Whats the 1st thing she buys? A CONVERTIBLE MERCEDES.

Now thats the lifestyle of an RN.

Is it just me or do most of us night people tend to have a twisted sense of humor??? :lol_hitti

I think it's just you. :coollook:

I have almost always work days and I'm as twisted as they come. Heck I work in an office now and still can't get normal.

well .. hmmm.. i agree with the posters above.... we go to work , come home , watch tv ... go to bed, set the alarm , get up , shower, get dressed, punch in... have a wild fun filled 12 hours and punch out.. and it starts all over... bam!! the life of a RN !!

don't forget about eating m&ms for lunch, cake and icecream on coworkers birthdays, the extra 40+ lbs gained from taking antidepressants and the total lack of exercise! :D:bowingpur

It's a little bit different. You work intensely on these 12 hour days, yet are off four. On some of those days off I swear all I do is stare at the wall in a stupor and do abolutely nothing.

By the time I recuperate from the shift, I have one or two good days to clean and do errands.

But for me, as a mom, it's quite nice. I can be with the kids during the week a bit, and also at times, get away from them on weekends! Sort of a change from my former SAHM 24/7 parenting thing. So, it's nice to have balance.

I had a former career -- and I do NOT miss: cubicles, being on a computer all day long, office politics, having to purchase office attire, sitting on my butt all day. I LIKE my work -- it is varied, never dull, full of fun, interesting people, some not so fun, a good intellectual challenge, and the pay is pretty good. A very good 2nd supplementary income. I have no idea how nurses live on a single salary, though -- but we are family of 5.

It's also very scary at times, very dirty, very nervewracking, and I constantly feel the risk of a lawsuit hanging around my neck. I dont know what else to say about that.

There are good and bad things, like any career, I guess. I, too, have developed a very weird and sick sense of humor. You have to have it to survive. :bugeyes: I do enjoy interacting w/ nurses and doc who have also developed this type of humor. I like the camraderie in that respect.

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Lifestyle: a 25 yr old been a nurse for bout a year. Whats the 1st thing she buys? A CONVERTIBLE MERCEDES.

Now thats the lifestyle of an RN.

Glad she can afford it :lol2:

Lifestyle of a 41 y/o, been a nurse about 7 yrs. Sending her kids to college, and paying for her masters :bugeyes:

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Oh dear a RN is not AT ALL a movie star, loool, just in twisted minds of some ones may be...and if you belive in a movie start like RN, looool is better to find a real movie star to marry with him, loool

A RN is just A RN a human one. Is true that I seen couple of RNs who jump from one leg to another upping the noses, smiling like all Hollywood cameras are around, showing up all type of signs of RNs profession, expressing them opinions even if you ask them or not, living like they dreaming and dreaming like they living, lol.... unbalanced all in all, beliving that THEM deserved it just because are an RN name after....is all about people personalities, and as soon at the admission in nursing school they don't care who is going on as soon as they pay the fee....... the results are the same, you will have it what seeds you will plant it...... step by step we will have here more and more MOVIE STARS RNs, looool.

Talk about balanced RNs, not about twisted crazy ones... they are not a model for anyone...... or who knows may be is just about me that I have another RNs models, instead of RNs movie stars models, loooool

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I work for spending $ and to stay current, every other weekend 3-11 so I am not a "typical" nurse. I do kid stuff until it is time for work, then come home and go to bed. Then get up, go to church, have dinner with the family, kid stuff, then work. Then I am off 2 weeks with the kids. :yeah: It is stressful, I am glad I don't HAVE to work more.

Well, since I will be a nursing student in clinicals in 3 weeks, I plan to stop partying as loudly as I do...I will say no to that extra Patron shot. I'm just scared that a client will see me having too much fun.....the rest of my lifestyle will hardly change. I'll probably stop threatining my friends with toxic injections...

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