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Urgent Care, Step-Down, and ER
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GQRN has 4 years experience and specializes in Urgent Care, Step-Down, and ER.

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  1. GQRN

    New Grad positions anyone/anywhere???

    Check you inbox.
  2. GQRN

    I feel so stupid. What should I have done?

    You actually did the patient a favor by sending her to ER. First of all, if you had suspected a UTI, you'd be on the phone trying to get a hold of the doctor for an order to do U/A with C/S. Then you'd send it to the lab and probably get it back the next day. If her UTI was severe, another day could had led it to Urosepsis, you never know especially at that age. Sometimes the Doc will see the UA results and choose to wait for the pending C/S results, further delaying treatment. Another thing, it was a change in condition. Severe pain should be enough to send a patient to the ER for evaluation. Great job on getting her on ABX sooner.
  3. GQRN

    Earning master's degree online

    Which ones are charging 20k? The ones I've researched are charging around 35-40K for the entire MSN program online!!!
  4. GQRN

    A lifestyle of a Nurse

    Lifestyle: a 25 yr old been a nurse for bout a year. Whats the 1st thing she buys? A CONVERTIBLE MERCEDES. Now thats the lifestyle of an RN.
  5. Hi, I recently joined Intermin as well partime. One of my co-workers works with Interim, she referred me so I went in for the interview. It was more like a meet n greet and having your questions answered about home health. When I walked out, they made me fill a time card. I asked em for what? They said "SO YOU CAN GET PAID FOR TODAY?" I was surprised.... WOW, I earned already? Most of the time spent was on learning the paperwork. I think I oriented about 6 hours on paperwork and 2 visits to open cases, and I was on my own. Its pretty easy to pick up as long as you learn the paperwork. We already have the skills, just need to learn organizational skills with paperwork and schedule visit times. As for your questions: 1-What does orientation consist of? Paper work, a few visits (make sure you go to OPEN a case). Don't go on a follow-up visit because all you do is the skill required, vitals and charting. If there r any changes, u call the doc. When you open a case, thats when you do 80% of the paperwork. How long is orientation? It depends how fast of a learner you are, but they'll always be auditing your work very carefully in the beginning. 2-Is the pay hourly or per visit? Pay per visit. You get extra to open a case. Claim your mileage, gas, and vehicle expenses in taxes... more in return vs re-imb from Interim. Good luck
  6. GQRN

    Higher incidence of depression among nurses

    oh by the way, after reading this post, i'm going to go have a beer for all the stressed nurses out there and enjoy it... to all the hardworking nurses out there... cheers!
  7. GQRN

    Higher incidence of depression among nurses

    I'm going to have to disagree with that. It takes a lot to be a nurse. You should consider yourself real special to be a nurse. We learn to deal with a lot of adversities throughout our nursing careers and learn to deal with them. If you are a good nurse, you will know how to deal with them. I'm not being offensive here, so don't misunderstand me, but if you can't deal with the adversities, maybe you are not cut out to be a nurse. Then you just push yourself putting yourself at risk for stress and depression. Saving a life, caring for the ill and putting a smile on their face, pretty much makes up for all the stressful situations I deal with in a daily basis on the floors. I got to give "HEAVY PROPS" to the floor nurses for being in thick and thin and caring for the patients. WE ARE THE BEST! God is watching us. I'm excluding all those lazy nurses sitting behind a desk or do jobs like chart reviewing. Okay I might have gone off topic, but I don't consider depression among nurses is due to work. If it is, CHANGE YOUR CAREER. Or you can just ruin your health and continue being depressed and stressed.
  8. GQRN

    home health

    It depends by which home health agency you work for. Some agencies give you a schedule for an 8 hour day. You can finish that schedule in less than 4 hours and get paid for a full 8 hour day. It all depends on the agency I guess.
  9. GQRN

    Cannulated an artery

    I just remembered my 2nd semester of nursing school. During our IV sessions, my partner (NOW WIFE) had a field day practicing IVs in me. Obviously, I was being sweet and told her that she can practice on me as many times as she'd like. Boy did I regret saying that. After 3 days I could had easily been assessed as a DRUG USER!!!! Anyhow, she got one in an artery once. We didn't know after until she dc'd the cannula and blood was squirting out of my arm with every heart beat. On top of that, she dropped the gauze and had to get a new one, so my arm was basically squirting for about 10-15 seconds every second or so. Ahhhhhh I miss those days...
  10. Hello my fellow California Nurses. I'm looking for online RN-BSN, or RN-MSN programs in CALIFORNIA only. Not University of Phoenix, or Walden... (out of state), but only california universities offering online RN-BSN programs. If you know so, or are enrolled in one, please let me know, thanks.
  11. GQRN

    oral vanco?

    Yes, exactly. Make sure you flush. Did you check placement first? Always check for placement prior to administering.
  12. GQRN

    Career change

    Tony, What qualifications do you have? Degrees? In what field? What sort of work have you been doing your entire life? Its important to know all those factors in order to decide what part of medical field will be best for you. Be more specific and we might be able to suggest you a few options that might just work out for you.
  13. GQRN

    strategies in studying

    How about "If you fail, you won't be able to come to America to make the big bucks". Is that inspiring enough?
  14. GQRN

    shot opinion?

    The bum bum is still the best site to give IM shots. VL is the best in the little ones. In my experience, most patients report that VL shots hurt like heck as compared to the bum bum shots. Bum Bum = Ventro or Dorso
  15. GQRN

    oral vanco?

    I don't think it would make a difference. Its not like you have a measured amount of fluid in your gut. It all mixes down there. If its bitter, give it a little more mixture. I don't think there is any restriction with foods while taking Vanco PO.
  16. GQRN

    Ativan IM?

    Ativan is a thick medication. Why do we Dilute it giving IV? So we can administer it with ease. Ever tried pushing it undiluted? Good luck with that. As for IM, There is no need to dilute that Ativan, just make sure you use a larger gauge needle when administering it IM, say 18 gauger? If you want, you can also dilute it. Just make sure you use the same amount of saline. For example, if you are giving 1mg/1ml, add 1ml of saline to dilute it a bit for easier IM administering.