A CRNA places second in the Boston Marathon

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This was a major surprise considering she has only run one other marathon in her life, probably the one that got her a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon. She had no sponsors and nobody knew who she was. She said she trained at 4 am before going into the OR each morning.

Pretty awesome. ESPN and everybody else is talking about it. I'm lucky to make a cup of coffee correctly at 4 am when I'm getting up for OR rotations.

She was a surprise unknown, has no sponsors. She also graduated with a 4.0 while running for track and field at college. This race qualifies her for the Olympic trials. Go Sarah Sellers!

"Since she also has a full-time job, training either happens at 8 p.m. or 4 a.m. In September, she ran her first marathon in Huntsville, Utah, which she won and set a course record."

Sarah Sellers: Virtual unknown shakes up the Boston Marathon with a second-place finish - CNN


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That's pretty awesome.

I love this story. Watching the marathon, I was trying to figure out who she was and where she came from! when I heard her story, I was so surprised! I'm an avid runner myself and it made smile to see a non-sponsored nurse do so well. Congratulations to Sarah and I hope she continues to run well! :)

Inspirational. She was not expecting to be 2nd. There were around 15 runners in front of her but they all dropped because of the tough wind and rain. This lady is immortal.

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Threads merged and video added. What dedication and drive!!!!


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Loving everything about this.

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