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Anyone have any? I am starting A&P I online this semester. :eek: People have been scaring me saying that it is crazy hard to take online. If anyone has any tips for success they don't mind sharing, I will be forever grateful!



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I just started it online today. Let me say WOW there is a lot of information in there!! What school are you attending? I am attending Barton in Kansas.


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It doesn't have to be hard to take online. You could actually do really well. I recommend the websites purposegames.com, and quizlet.com as online study aids for both lab and lecture. If you have a very attentive instructor who does not mind answering any questions you may have, you should do fine! GL! :)


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I just started it online today. Let me say WOW there is a lot of information in there!! What school are you attending? I am attending Barton in Kansas.

I am going to Davidson CCC in NC. It sure is a lot of info!! I spent about 2 hours last night going over all of the materials for the class. As I went over the first couple of labs, I already knew most of the material. That was encouraging!

J845- I think I lucked out on instructors. She has continually reminded us that she is there fir us if we need any help at all. That makes me feel better! :D

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Quizlet.com is your BEST FRIEND when it comes to A&P. That website litterly saved my tushie last year. It allows you to make flash cards online then you can play games with them, study them in a bunch of diffrent ways, and gives you practice test. Hope this helps you as much as it did me! hang in there...you'll make it!:lol2:


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Thank you all so much for the tips! Please, keep 'em coming. I'm trying to stay ahead if the game. My biggest fear is of falling behind. I am afraid that if I do, I won't be able to catch up.


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I passed condensed A&P I and II, plus microbiology with a very neat trick.

I printed out multiple pictures of the things I needed to learn (i.e. the human heart labeled, cells, bacteria, etc) what ever we were anticipating for the test. Then I taped the pictures everywhere. I had human hearts in my bathroom, in my car, at my job, in my living room, dining room, etc.

This repetitive exposure to the images prepared me for the tests where we needed to label specimens.

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The best study tip is for you to cheat your butt off lol... I kid I kid

Lecture : make flashcards of all the key terms your teacher has listed on the on-line syllabus. You could also make flash cards of ALL the definitions in each chapter as well. Sounds like a lot to do, but it will help get you that elusive A.

Lab: easy as pie - It's just memorization.

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I believe online has it's benefits, as crazy-hard as I've heard it is! Just make sure to go over the material until you understand it all. Flashcards are my friend while I'm taking it in a classroom setting, so if you are into making flashcards, then I'd definitely say this is a good time to utilize them! I have a stack so big...I don't quite know what to do with them. LOL, the best thing to do is study terms, diagrams, functions, and whatever you see listed on the syllabus. As long as you set aside ample amount of time it will take, then you'll do just fine online! Good luck! :)


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I took A&P I and II online and as long as you are proficient with computers (hey, you got yourself on this site!:)) and you can figure out which study methods work best for you, it's not all that hard. My advice is, always look at the Learning Objectives if they are listed somewhere (on the course website or in the textbook) and make sure you've got those down, that will help you on quizzes & tests... and make sure you utilize your resources online. TONS of A&P stuff online, just gotta look for it. I've found tons of it to help me raise my A&P score on the HESI A2 so if you need some direction there, feel free to PM me!