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A&P 2 and Microbio in same semester?


Hi everyone,

I have an interesting situation. I am starting my classes for the Nursing program (I apply for actual admission for the ADN at EKU in Spring '13) and the way the classes fall that I need I may have to take two seemingly difficult classes in the same semester!

Summer- Sociology 131 online and Bio 171 w/lab on campus (6 credits) + I work 2 PT jobs and have a 2.5 year old

Fall - Nutrition online, Bio 301 (A&P 2 with an online option) and Microbio.

I just want some honest feedback on anyone who may have taken Microbio and Physiology in the same semester. I know it will be a million hours of studying,but hey this is Nursing after all! :) How was your experience with it? Was taking A&P 2 online a complete drag? Would you recommend to take it online at all? My mother recently did her nursing prereqs so I have lots of study guides, workbooks and flashcards at home.

In the Spring when I begin the actual Nursing coursework, I am pretty sure I will have to quit one of my PT jobs (it's during the week evenings) and rely on scholarships,loans and the other job to get me through.


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If that is your only hope to apply on time, then I would go for it. Yes you will have a hard time, with the course load and all, especially with a toddler! You seem like you already know what you are getting into though. I took a/p 2 for a saturday only class. It wasn't easy! and I'm in med micro now. that certainly isn't easy!

The key to med micro is organization. If i was you, I'd do my first two labs in your notebook, and then see about how many pages it will take you to add a lab, and then go and start writing all of them up in advance. I wished someone would have told me that in the beginning. In your a/p classes your labs complement the lecture. this is not the case in med micro- it is completely different material and you have to know "why" you are doing the labs in pretty good detail, among other things, such as what the lab tests for and rules out..it is not easy. i find it to be much harder than both a/p classes.. NUtrition is not easy either from what i hear.

your best friends will be study groups. they will help you out a lot! my grade are always much better when i have a study group to be accountable for. create facebook pages for your classes if nobody wants to meet in person.

sounds good. organization and time mngmnt seem to be key (as with most of life) lol. I truly appreciate the advice and we'll see what I decide in another week :)

Do you work or have kids? I have a friend doing AP I and microbiology this semester. She said it's difficult but she only has school to worry about. No job, kids, etc. And she got 2 GREAT professors also, which makes a world of difference. She's maintaining A's in both so it's doable! Good luck with your choice.

It really depends upon the time that you have to put into studying. It can be done if you have plenty of time, don't have a family, and have good memorization skills. However, it will be tough.

This semester, I was taking just A&PII and Microbiology. I had a hard time balancing the two; A&P and Micro are very different topics, and there was just too much to memorize between the two. However, there were other students who didn't have kids and were able to spend more time studying. These students have lower grades than I do in A&PII (since I now only have one class), but they are still passing both. It also depends upon the difficulty level of your instructor. My Micro teacher was incredible hard, and we had to memorize how to spell each microorganism. She's a good teacher, and I will take her again next semester, but it was too much with A&P.

You can always register for both, give it a try, and drop before the last day to withdraw if you are not doing well. One more thing to consider: If your nursing program accepts students based upon a points system, you might want to see if you are penalized if you score below a certain grade.

In retrospect, I would not take both classes at the same time. However, I do know people who are doing it now. I know that's not really helpful, but I hope it might give you a little bit of inside information.

Good luck!

Yes! 2 pt jobs and 1 ft toddler lol. :) That's my biggest concern

appreciate all the responses. gives me a lot to think about!! 8-)

I took AP2, micro, and funds in the same semester. I couldnt get a grade better than a C in micro to save my life. That is until I failed the funds class. All of a sudden AP and micro werent so bad after all...lol This semester, I took funds, math, and life span and it was a breeze.

At my school you have to take A&P 1 and 2 before you can take microbiology; I never heard of taking them together. I imagine that it wouldn't be fun. Good luck!!!!!

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No experience taking both at the same time. However, just want to let you know that you're not alone! I'll be taking Micro, Physiology, Pharmacology and PSYCH 205 in the fall.

We're in the same boat until December! :D

I have a one year old daughter and took AP2 and Micro this past fall. Now this may sound weird, but I did not find the courses that hard. Was it challenging? Yes. Did it require nonstop studying? Yes. But I did it and came out with A's in both classes. Now this is the thing. I studied for hours everyday. To break it down a little further, I studied for at least 4 hrs daily. My life was based around those classes. I would tend to my daughter( feed her, bathe her, read to her etc) then leave her to play so I could study. I made sure safety locks were in place so if she did venture out of sight, I would not have to worry. Will you get frustrated? Yes. But trust me, it is worth it. You can do it. It is very much possible.

It kind of depends on how much you're working- I'm taking A&P 1, Micro, Nutrition, and Psychology this semester and work part time also with a 2 year old. When I'm working it's really hard, and I'm trying to work less and less so I can study more. I wish that I weren't taking 2 hard classes together, but it's okay. If youve already taken Ap1 I think micro will be easier in some ways because there are some similarities. If you can, wait and take micro later, and add an easier class instead. My online classes have been easier than the in class classes, so ask around at your school what's best. You don't want to mess around with AP in nursing though, take the class that will teach you the most.

How did your summer classes go? Are you still enrolled for the same classes for Fall?

I'm hoping to get into the Spring 2013 ADN program at EKU as well. This semester I'm taking Physiology, Nutrition, Psychology and Sociology. We might have a couple of these classes together and I'd be down for a study partner (even if online). The last non-nursing classes I will have left are Micro and Chem- I do not plan on taking those till Spring or possibly Summer. I'm scared to death of Micro, however, a girl at the a2 test today told me she took it this summer and it was much "easier" than she'd anticipated.

I also have a 2 year old and due with our second in October (eek!). Good luck, keep us updated, and maybe I'll see you around.

appreciate the feedback. sorry i just got this notification!!!

@Squidbillies. Summer class went over much better than I thought

Socio - A

Psych - B

Anatomy - C

I was disappointed with the C, but the class moved WAAAY fast. Had I taken it in the Fall, I'm sure I would have a B. But that still leaves me with a 3.0 GPA :).

I'm takin Physio at night on Tuesdays - i realize i need the face to face time.

NFA 201 is online

Microbio is T,Th for me!

Feel free to personal msg me and we can compare schedules :)

Good job! I hate getting C's too, but in a class like that, I'm always just happy to pass. I can't send PM's yet, I still need a few more posts under my belt I think. I also have NFA 201 online. I have Physio at night but on Wednesdays. Maybe we have the same teacher and coursework? I struggled hard through Anatomy, barely passed with a C... and that was several years ago. However, I did take that class online, so I'm hoping taking the Physio at the school helps. I also really hope the Physio is totally different and doesn't rely on "knowing" the Anatomy stuff too much.

Anyway, congrats again on doing well, and it also looks like you'll have most everything done by the time actual nursing classes start. Here's hoping we get in for January and it isn't as terribly hard as they say!

thanks I just realized abt the PMs! I actually am no longer applying for the ADN! I weighed my options and the things that will work best for me and my son and well aBSN/MSN combo programs make the most sense. I already have undergrad debt and while I would like to begin working in the nursing field ASAP, I want to go ahead get both degrees and become a Family NP since I've known that's what I've wanted to do for a while. So I'm now applying to EKU accelerated BSN, Univ of Cincy combo bsn//msn and the rest of my schools are in NYC and offer the BSN/MS combo programs (where i lived from 2006-2011). I will keep u updated on those and let you know. Well haha I'm sure we will come across each other in NFA online and be able to talk there. my intials are CC, so when we have to do the beg. module you might be able to figure out who I am.

You are taking a tough load for a baby due in October! :) Good luck and keep me updated. Hoping for a healthy and speedy birth for you!

Hey just to update everyone. I ended up bombing Physio b/c I was working way too much this semester! I will be retaking it for the Spring. In addition I'll be taking Stats, Pilates and Couch to 5k (just to stay active and get an easy A, hoping it will boost my GPA just a tad from the terrible Physio grade).

Here was my grade break down for Fall:


Micro - B

Physio - certainly NOT a B lol

NFA online was VERY easy. Lots of EC opps and easy to follow modules. Minimal studying was required to get the B. Micro was awesome I loved it. Having Anatomy 1st certainly helped. Physio was not TERRIBLE, but it was very Chemistry oriented and I'm really bad a Chem. Also I took it 1x a week and I didn't study nearly enough for my tests.