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  1. aliaysonfire

    Would you still become a NP or would you go the MD route?

    What blue devil is saying has pretty much pushed me to follow an NP track, I want to have another child this decade and enjoy life. I originally didn't want to consider this route- I want the autonomy and I love school.
  2. aliaysonfire

    I'm a pre nursing student who will be going into the military...

    Ya I am considering the navy as well. I really want do this. I do not think I'm very competitive in my GPA though. I think I'm going to apply when I'm in my BSN program, I will have already become an RN by then. I will look into it once I'm in this spring semester and can relax a bit in school
  3. aliaysonfire

    Go in with my RN or NP?

    Thank you sweet pea for your reply. I think I want to at least be in my BSN completer before talking to a recruiter, right? It's an 11 month program, and I'd already have my cert, and probably a bit of working experience (a year at least). I have been following your conversation with navyman7 and have learned a lot. My family is supportive; husband grew up with his dad being deployed all the time as a marine (his dad retired from the marine core) and I know that this will provide a great standard of living for my son too. And I love the idea of traveling!
  4. aliaysonfire

    Go in with my RN or NP?

    I am interested in becoming a NP. I am currently in my second to last semester in RN-ADN school, I have a yr long BSN completer lined up as well. I have always wanted to serve my country, but since I'm wanting to become a NP eventually, would it be best to try and get in the military with my RN- or go ahead and complete my masters program before contacting a recruiter.. I am not aware of the programs offered once accepted, and how hard it is to change jobs or go back to school while in. I just know that I could apply right after I complete my RN, after a few years of experience, or after completing NP school. I do not know how to make a "pros/cons" list and would love some input. I am also a paramedic/commissioned fire fighter if that makes any difference. Thank you so much!
  5. aliaysonfire

    IV Infusion Time!! Please please help!!!!

    Thanks for this! I'm not there yet but it's a great explanation
  6. aliaysonfire

    Trying to bridge

    The college network sounds like a scam yo. Buyer beware!
  7. aliaysonfire

    I'm a pre nursing student who will be going into the military...

    8200 IH-10 West Ste 101San Antonio, TX 78230 210-341-6802 scott.self@us.af.mil So this is the air force health professions recruiter that is the closest to us. I chatted with a regular af recruiter today and that was all he could give me. He said that I needed to contact him 6-9 months before graduation... (of course, from my BSN!) that's like a whole friggen year away! gaaaah!
  8. aliaysonfire

    I'm a pre nursing student who will be going into the military...

    AH HA! thank you for shedding some light on the subject! that makes a lot of sense- sounds like I need to get a move on then. Thank you jeckrn!
  9. aliaysonfire

    Paramedic to Rn- Words of advice please?

    Hi there! I just got accepted into bridge program, but since I wasn't an LVN/LPN (those are the same, right?) I feel a bit like I'm gonna be swept off my feet, because of the different approach that I have learned to patient care. I am sure there are a "few" other topics that will take me by surprise- but if there were any study guides that anyone recommends to help me learn the rational, or any practical stuff to study that I can just research now, (such as lab values and what their relationship is to why it's affecting a patient)- please share them with me. I am very excited about the program, but have heard that the transition class that I take at first is extremely hard. I would like any input! Thanks so much!:hrnsmlys:share your bountiful knowledge!
  10. aliaysonfire

    LSC Montgomery Transition 2012

    anyone else get their books yet? I have gotten in touch with a transition student from last year who is selling me all her books, and i got the book list from the book store in montgomery, so i know exactly what i am needing to purchase. I have heard that while the medical encyclopedia is required, many students have not purchased it and it wasn't needed any ways. I have another transition student (that's about to graduate) phone number, so if any one else would like to purchase a set of used books, I can get you in contact with that student as well. if any one cares, i will take a picture of the book list (this was in form of a memo from the nursing dept to the book store- so it's legit) if anyone cares. Cheers to us! looking forward to meeting y'all. And if anyone is really into study groups, I'd love to get togther. I have spent a good amount of time talking to other transition students and have learned a few topics that they will hammer us on in the first six weeks. One of the topics is knowing our lab values, and then knowing the relationship between those. I have already begun learning a bit- there is a great book (that i can't seem to remember the name of at the moment!) that shows little pictures and makes up little silly stories about how the lab values interact that will make it much easier to remember them. (however, i'm not going to walk out to my car to find it, go to the trouble of posting it here, if nobody is paying attention to this posting!)
  11. aliaysonfire

    LSC Montgomery Transition 2012

    I just wanted to do another little happy dance for all of us again!
  12. aliaysonfire

    LSC Montgomery Transition 2012

    And lookie here I got accepted too!! How wonderful. Is that everyone on here that applied?!! And to think my sorry score made it. I'm guessing everyone that applied got in. Well shoot I can't be happier. Now, I know you're not thinking about your bsn yet-BUT, check out u of h-Victoria, they have a new program that lets you complete it in a year!!! There are fliers over at the university center and a counsellor to talk to and see how you will fit with whatever you've taken. I've been sorta wondering about what to do after RN, and that seemed like a good choice after reading about so many of them.
  13. aliaysonfire

    I'm a pre nursing student who will be going into the military...

    thanks for the replies!
  14. I am 28 yrs old, already a fire fighter/paramedic- waiting to get accepted into a nursing transition program, (hopefully in a year from now, I'll be ready to take my NCLEX) I have some weight to lose as well . I am stoked about serving my country- ever since I started the nursing path, and found out about going into the military as a nurse, it's been at the back of my mind, and now that nursing school is right around the corner, I feel like my dreams are coming true. I have been doing a lot of research out there and it is pretty hard to find good information and wade through all the "fluff". In addition to going researching the military, I am also planning for what classes I need for my BSN. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what I can do now to improve my resume' before applying to the military. -I would like to know one BSN program is better than another for getting into the military- I want to go the route of NP rather than management eventually. -I would like to meet others who are trying to do the same thing, and read about their experiences -I am wondering if the military will send me for more advanced degrees- and how so! -And anything else you can tell me to help me have a better chance to be accepted into the officer training school. -when is the right time to contact a recruiter? I have read somewhere the Navy will will pay for you to complete your BSN.. I can't find much on it other than "contact a recruiter." I would love to get into a program that will give you a 1300$ stipend to finish school! lol. I am sure i will have more questions when I think of them! I am wanting to go into the Air Force, but after reading so many of the posts on here, I am not sure if it is the best for me- I really don't want to miss out on something good because I "blindly" chose Air force. I am grateful for any helpful replies. It feels like I'm in elementary school trying to plan what college I'm going into, please bear with me, I have a one year old son and a very supportive husband (he grew up in a military family) and am trying to give my husband some direction on "where we are going!/how long it will take" (ha! He lets me do what ever I want!)
  15. aliaysonfire

    LSC Montgomery Transition 2012

    so- have we gotten any winner winner chicken dinners? ha. i know it's too early. just lurking on here about other posts and what not. Anyone in here wanting to go into the military after becoming a nurse? that's what I want to do. I am hoping to be able to go directly from getting my ADN to bsn and then join a branch of the military. I sure would love to hear about what anyone else is doing! there are so many paths you can take with nursing- i love it!
  16. aliaysonfire

    Army Nurses: Please Give Me Your Guidance

    Thank you for posting this because I have been wondering much of the same.