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how do you guys feel about my first semester. is it too much i dont work or have kids. I know AP is alot of studying but english also looks like it could be a problem and may get in my way. Thank goodness English is the only class i have to write essays in, i believe i might have to write essays in sociology as well. Psychology is a good class but my teacher is a cool guy but we may run into problems down the road, i need to know what im up against with these classes. Please give me your opinions. They really do matter to me. Thank You

Composition was THE worst class for me. I write pretty good, but I am notorious for rewriting my papers (the entire paper) up until they're due, and sometimes I would rewrite them up to three times before they felt just right. So, in my experience, I made composition the equivalent to maybe two or three non-science classes. UGH, I'm so glad that nightmare is over.

Anyway, I think taking all the classes together are fine, except for the writing class, because, well, you know.

i feel the same way you do about composition ughh

You'll be fine.

Good luck!


thanks braithiar

A&P for me was like another full time job. I really needed to study hard for this class. If you have no job then you'll be fine. Best wishes:)

808 define study hard. define another full time job. I just want to know what you would do if you didnt have a job at the time

It is a pretty normal schedule. If it were me, I would try to pick physiology topics for my English compositions.

If it really does take you all seven days to read the physiology assignment (really working at it, of course), then I'd suggest fewer credits and putting that time into learning how to learn (both the reading and writing sides). Unless the prof gave several weeks worth of reading. I think it feels longer to do it that way but it save time and money in the long run to build a good foundation.

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I saved up all my writing classes for one term. That was bad but it was all writing so I wasn't switching gears. I chose medical subjects to do research papers and presentations so I was actually interested in what I was studying. I took about 3 classes at a time but then we are on the quarter system up here so classes go by really quickly. I have kids but no outside work so this was very doable. Give each class at least an hour/day of study time/writing time. You will need more for A&P due to the quantity of reading and digesting.

Thats a good idea to put psychology in english comp. And i have to read a chapter a week for each class

That's pretty much exactly what I took my first semester...plus world civilizations and a freshman advisement seminar.

It's not too bad.

all those classes are easy except A&P. A&P is not really that hard either, its just kind of hard to get an A in. Psychology, Sociology, and English you can just BS your way to an A, but A&P you actually have to study.

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