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A&P 1 or A&P 2 harder? Take with another lab science?


Hi all,

I wanted to know if you thought A&P 1 or A&P 2 was harder in terms of material and time commitment. I am currently taking A&P 1 right now as my only course. However, I have SO much free time honestly I wish I took another course to speed up the process.

I am taking A&P 2 starting in October (my school does half semesters, new courses every 8 weeks) and I was wondering if it's a good idea to take Chem w/lab and A&P 2 with lab, assuming I am not working and am able to devote all my time to the classes? I have heard that A&P 2 is easier and honestly right now taking A&P 1, I feel I could definitely take on another lab science or another course.

I previously took Psych and Human Development together and got A's in both. I know they are not lab sciences, but there was a ton of work and papers involved (much more work and more time-consuming than A&P right now!), so I feel like if I could've handled those together and got A's then maybe I should go for A&P2 and Chem together? Would appreciate any advice!

I thought A&P II was a little harder, but I took it with another science (Micro), and two other fluffy class, and got straight A's. It's totally doable.

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Hello, I would definitely take 2 classes at a time in a 8-week program. :)

DaniB77, LPN, EMT-B

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I took A&P I with Basic Chemistry-I got a C in A&P and a B in Chem. I took A&P II along with Medical Terminology. I had to retake A&P II over the summer with a Math for Nurses class and got a B in both of those. I do agree that A&P II is a bit more difficult and taking it in 8 weeks will make it more difficult because it is a fast paced class over a 16 week period, much less 8 weeks.

I will be taking a&p II with chem II (both having labs) next semester. Doing the same for a&p I and chem I (with labs) right now. I think it's totally doable, however my school does have traditional 16 week classes. But a& p II is harder, per my instructor and every student I've talked to. So I guess it depends on how you are as a student? sounds like you're doing well, so with time management it's probably doable!