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    Exhausted; I want a way out.

    How do I continue to do this career? I feel like I’ve tried every available, reasonable option. I’ve worked the floor, I worked the E.R, I’ve travel nursed, I did clinical coordinator, and now I do Ho

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    Seriously, stop making this job harder! For yourself and everyone around you.

    Listen, I just need to vent. I’m SO fed up with the petty a** drama involved in nursing. It’s so DA** annoying. I don’t get it! What’s wrong with YOU? Heres the story. I work in ICU. I checked out to

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    How Much was your First RN Paycheck?

    Im just wondering. Im not trying to get in nursing for the money, but I have heard a lot of other nurses complain about how low their income was as a new nurse.

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    Any regrets becoming a NP?

    Im curious to hear if anyone has any regrets regarding becoming a NP? If so, what do you wish you would have pursued instead? I have a few concerns that give me pause such as over saturation of NPs an

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    Some advice on "Orientation"

    Hi All- I am a new grad RN who accepted a position at a large hospital. When I interviewed, they really played up how well they were going to train me (14 weeks total) and outlined how it would go. Ho

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    Night shift mentality: keep them alive until day team comes on

    I’ve been a nurse for two years on a cardiac step down peds unit. As I’ve grown as a nurse, it’s hit me how much pushback I get from doctors, team members, and charge nurses to make changes in the mid

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    Death Walks the Halls

    Death Walks the Halls

    The first-hand account of a new nurse dealing with the dying patient on a busy telemetry floor. Written in real time throughout the night.

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    Nurse Beth

    156 Applications and 0 Interviews

    Dear Nurse Beth, I am an RN with 20 years of experience, with 19 of them in women’s health (L&D, high-risk antes, OR/PACU, nursery, postpartum, a small bit of gyn). Charge nurse for the majorit

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  2. Nurses

    Any nurses that love nursing and love their job??

    I start nursing school in the fall and have gotten a lot of negative feedback from nurses I work with who are really miserable as a nurse. Some are very encouraging, but most have told me to turn arou

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    Monday=NCLEX DAY

    Monday I take my NCLEX at 8am. I am a nervous wreck! Everyone keeps saying oh dont worry, you will pass! or you passed RRT boards, you can pass the nclex, but snap, what if I dont?? I am using Kaplan

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    New Nurse Precepting a New Grad Nurse

    Okay, guys. Ive officially been a nurse for 6 months. My director just asked me to precept a new grad nurse (um, what?!?!). Anyone else have a similar situation/advice? Tips? I keep seeing articles ab

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    What I Wish I’d Known About Continuing Education: Keep Your Own Records [Part 3 of 3]

    What I Wish I’d Known About Continuing Education: Keep Your Own Records [Part 3 of 3]

    There are many things I wish someone had told me about continuing education and maintaining my professional licenses and credentials. I’m sharing my thoughts on the topic to help you streamline your o…

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    School Programs

    2020 Spring Enrollment for Nursing (Hillsborough Community College)

    Hello, I know some of us were discouraged to find out that we didnt get in for Fall. The cut off was the highest theyve ever seen and some were shocked to find out their true pre-req GPA. We have anot

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    CNA vs. Nurse: Too saturated or huge need?

    Hi all, So Ive been pondering around looking for jobs, and I have almost a year of experience as a CNA. About close to 10 months come June 25th. Does anyone know if hospitals require experience or if

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    3 Hospice Case Studies: LTC Facility, Hospital, and Home

    3 Hospice Case Studies: LTC Facility, Hospital, and Home

    Hospice care happens at home, in the hospital and in LTC facilities. In the 3 case studies described, the author discusses different focuses for patients and families who are referred to hospice.

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    Quitting CNA job on a work day?

    Long story short I am in a temporary position working as a CNA before I take the NCLEX-RN (1 month away). I have 2 years experience as a pct and accepted this job as a cna at a Ltc facility. My employ

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