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Scared.....No Nursing?

Hello All, I have posted on here several times before, but in short, I am a relative new grad. Only a little over a year out of school. I have failed out of two med-surg orientations. I am...

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Is it worth going back to get my rn when I make 57,000 a year?

Is it worth me going back to school of I make 57,000 a year.I do want to go back but idk sometimes I dont feel like it.I like the ability to work and then do what I like.I also dont want all the...

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Vaccine controversy

As a nurse practitioner for over a decade and a relatively new mom, I have very strong opinions about vaccinations. I have unfortunately seen many vaccine preventable illnesses such as measles,...

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financial donation to a needy patient

I took care of a patient who is homeless . He said he lives in a vehicle with his wife and one cat for three months. I feel sad for his situation knowing that I should feel grateful for what I have...

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mandatory vaccination

Many hospitals mandate their nurses to receive influenza vaccinations each year during flu season. Those who decline are forced to wear a mask while at work during the season. For those who cannot...

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How to Stop a Nose Bleed??

My HA handed me this newspaper article this morning: How to Use Cold Keys to Stop Your Nosebleed - The People's Pharmacy Interesting. Anybody tried keys, or another cold object, on the...

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Job vs grades while in school more important?

Hello, i am currently enrolled in an ADN program about to finish my first semester. I am in a position where right now, financially I do not absolutely need to have a job while in school. However,...

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Thankfulness - What's Yours?

So this is the week of one of our biggest holidays - Thanksgiving. Now is a good time to remember to be grateful. It started long ago as a way to express gratitude for a bountiful harvest. Now, it...

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Non productive overtime

Recently our hospital HR/ leadership team made an announcement declaring that nurses are only to be accessing charts when punched in. Personally to me this is a non issue because I show up literally...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Wants to Be Surgical NP

Dear Nurse Beth, I have been accepted to an FNP program and a AGACNP program with RNFA concentration. My question is, which one will get me closer to being a Surgical NP? I currently work for a...

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Canceled! Jerks!

Early one morning recently, I was on the way to my PRN job on a behavioral health unit. I was literally in my car, and it was 30 min before the shift was to start. I got a text telling me I'd been...

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Is Giving 2 Weeks Notice Ancient Practice?

There are just some jobs that do not work out. If I've been at a job a decent amount of time and plan on including it on my resume, I give two weeks. A couple times in my career I walked into a...

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Medication Error

Feeling extremely anxious and incompetent about myself right now. I am a new Registered Nurse and just started practicing about three months ago. Last week I had to give my patient Albumin IV. I...

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I am seriously considering a job at a hospital 70 miles one way. Seeking the wisdom of anyone who's done a super commute for 12 hour shifts. It's a position I am very interested in on a...

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SoCal student

Holding voluntary patients - illegally?

I work at a locked psychiatric hospital with acute psych, detox, and gero-psych units. We have a mix of voluntary and involuntary patients. When working on the detox unit, nearly every patient is...

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Returning to school after devastating Camp Fire

Hi all, I live in Butte County, California which as you probably have heard in the news we have been absolutely devastated by the Camp Fire. It literally has wiped our town of Paradise off the...

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Taking my NCLEX tomorrow... any last min advise?

I'm taking my NCLEX for the 2nd time tomorrow... When I first took it I only used U-world and up till now I studied using both HURST and U-WORLD.. scored 80/125, 66/125, 69/125 on Qreview and in the...

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Come down and take your meds!

I have 2 middle school students that forget on a regular basis to come down to take their meds after lunch (1 is genuinely forgetting, the other seems to "forget" on purpose so they miss class). I...

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Good idea or not?

In your opinion would it be a good idea to leave a Mon-Fri 8 hr job to work 12 hr weekends on med-surg at the hospital in order to babysit my baby grandson during the week? I'm not sure I could get...

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Chickenpox tsunami This...

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