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Hey, y'all! Okay, I know this could get a bit scary, so if you're not into this kind of thing, please move on! This has the potential to become VERY GRAPHIC. Disclaimer over. ;>) However, I'm... Read More

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    took care of an elderly lady that had forgotten to put hercar in park when she went to check her mail. Her car, a early 70's buick very large ran over her. point of impact was mid thigh and it rolled over her head. she was lucky it was soft ground. Was asked by the surgeon to clean her up and prep for surgery. touched her face it was like touching a jello mold, face just quivered called the surgeon over without saying any thing touched her face again he just shook his head rushed her to surgery managed to survive with a 3 month stay in ICU. not quite as bad but more personally traumatic was trying to stand up after a cycling accident and looking down to see my tibia on the outside instead of where it belonged
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    ewwwww poor thing.......

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    I am now wandering if this is something I want to go into. How often does the above happen? I can handle somethings but I am kinda have second thoughts. Any suggestions?
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    You will be fine I am sure. I only had stuff that grossed me out two or three times in 16 years..........Don't worry.

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    Originally posted by Kristi2377
    She was on one of those vacuum-seal doodads, with the sponge? I forget what they're called now... we packed the sponge in and applied this HUUUUUUUUGE op-site. know? :>)
    It's a Vac Pac. I love them! Hey, BTW, are these topics now taboo with the new HIPPA regulations? Does anyone know? Darn that stupid HIPPA!
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    holy smokes............................w to d on the heart YIKES......

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    let's see.....
    1) home care lady who took 2 people to cath..couldn't/wouldn't get outa her lift recliner...(which no longer worked cuz she shorted it out by repeatedly pi$$Ing in it prior to is getting a foley order) she would hold up her belly...other nurse would hold her inner thigh-wings apart...i would blindly insert the cath....after attempting to clean up te cottage cheese from her hootch and inner thighs...

    2) worked in a FP office,....boil on back...not nearly as bad as ones described here..but it was sooo funny..doc injected the local and the increase in inner-boil pressure caused pus to ooze out his pores....

    3) gentleman with colectomy in home care, ns w->d open wound abdomen..healed to just a tunnel, but just didn't wanna completely heal...he would remove dressing and shower prior to our arrival...showers are WONDERFUL!!!! for open wounds!!! seriously!!! day there was what looked like a piece of slough protruding from the i gently was a sac in which there was an encapsulated pustulated suture..i swear there was literally a green cloud came out with it..client and i both were gagging...we laughed after our stomachs settled...but wow...he healed quickly after that...

    4) quad with a subolecranon bursitis...burst open...packable with guaze packing strips... eventually healed...we thought... we thought month or 2 or 3 later...had an abcessy area proximal to that day i went...removed dressing...was "milking" the elbow to geet out some of the drainage...this little thing is sticking was a tiny piece of report whacked....has never had a problem with that elbow since...
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    OMG sunnygirl! You just made me think of this guy with naasty gout! White thick goo just ...oh I gotta stop!!!!
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    ) worked in a FP office,....boil on back...not nearly as bad as ones described here..but it was sooo funny..doc injected the local and the increase in inner-boil pressure caused pus to ooze out his pores....

    Thanx for reminding me. Was holding cheeks so an ER resident could shoot local into a perianal abcess. Needless to say when it blew, she caught most of her HAIR! She turned the same color as that pus and bolted for the shower. I wonder if I shoulda told her to back up?
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    Hey dachweiler,
    I can't figure out your signature what exactly does it say?


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