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Is this the new wonder ointment/ drug? How well do you like it? We are using it on alot of folks in place of A&D and Zinc oxide... Read More

  1. by   LPN/TXnurse
    Quote from dd_txlvn
    We use Zenaderm too. I found that it works great on reddened areas, in place of Duoderm.. But my facility is now using it for the Cure All. I can't stand it!! What do you guys use on clean granulating Stage II-IVs?

    On a clean stage II you could use panafil which i think works well. My facility has just accepted the healthpoint (manufacturer of xenaderm etc.) protocol which means we will primarily use panafil, accuzyme, and xenaderm..also with that protocol it includes like 40+ free ceu's available to nursing staff to obtain at their own convienance which is great. You recieve a password and then you can access their website from home or wherever and get your ceu's. free ceu's is a great thing to me...lol. I've also read you can use granulex on a clean stage II ulcer...never tried it though.
  2. by   CoffeeRTC
    Anyone know what the cost is? Seems like we are using this on everyone who is incontinant. I love what it does when treating excoriation or a mild stage 2, but was wonderining about cost when we can be using a zinc oxide, Selan or A and D for prevention.
  3. by   GLORIAmunchkin72
    not only that but it traps feces and urine and odor!
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    We are using it in our facility. It's great stuff! Clears up a small open area quickly, without the need to ever apply the awful duoderm. Hate duoderm, to me it makes tiny open areas much worse.
  4. by   ROSIEK
    [quote=NurseChick04]I love xenaderm..:roll a great barrier cream that can be applied only once per day usually.... It is expensive but can be used on highly excoriated areas. I have seen this work on patients that have had excoriated areas for months where nothing else worked and this cleared it up within a couple of weeks..still should avoid use of briefs while patient is in bed.[/Reply

    Please check the package insert for xenaderm. It is not intended as a barrier. The new F-Tag revisions state you must use according to manufacturers directions. Be cautious about off label use. Are you using it on Medicare and Medicaid patients? You must provide the same level of care regardless of ability to pay.
  5. by   suebird3
    we use criticaide and proshield for bottoms. with all the budget cuts in medicaide, etc., here where i live...... i have also had good luck with tielle, but again....the budget cuts.......

  6. by   ROSIEK
    I use smith and nephews Extra Protective cream(EPC) for the denuded skin. It is not ordered from the phamacy but can be kept on the shelf saving lots of money. it has 30% zinc oxide. works well around exuding wounds to protect the peri-wound area as well
  7. by   pmsrn76
    Anyone remember Granulex? Xenaderm is Granulex in a cream. Requires Rx. Have heard it works great on I's and II's. Tegasorb is a good alternative to Duoderm. Criticaid also works well on I's and II's. Mesalt will debide a draining wound with lots of slough and will do it fairly quickly.