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Where l currently work we have a system of reducing the associated smells of urine and feaces that can be common in aged care seeting and nursing homes. We would like to research and evaulate other systems that people use to... Read More

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    The "best" nursing home here is very, very careful about having very tight-fitting special trash cans to hold the used briefs. These are removed from the halls frequently and emptied outside the building, new bags put in, and wheeled back in. Also, "ozone" machines are running everywhere. They don't scrimp on the wipes, either (of course not, they make the families buy boxes and boxes of them). Judicious use of "chucks" under everyone at all times helps catch drips and drops. Many of the cleaning products used were created for high-end veterinary offices, where urine/fecal smells can really get out of hand quickly.

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    There is a local nursing home that reeks of urine the minute you walk in the door. The building has been owned by several companies, and it still smells. Whether or not they give good peri care, I don't know, because I didn't lift up the sheets and take a whiff. But I do know that the aides have a habit of tossing a soiled pad on the floor while they give care instead of bagging it up right away. The urine seeps into the grout and you can't get it out, thereby giving the facility that ever glamourous ammonia smell.

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