Answers to "Which Dressing Should I Use"?

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    "Which Dressing Should I Use" is a frequent lament on AN.

    The Wound Care Education Institute has a wonderful outline of wound care product selection advice under Wound Dressing Categories, including indications and disadvantages:

    See their many resources...bottom section of website has web links too.

    Pressure Ulcer Staging

    Differentiating Lower Extremity Ulcers

    Moist Wound Healing

    Wound Documentation Tips

    Prevention of Skin Breakdown

    Nutrients Necessary for Wound Healing

    Non-Sterile Dressing Change Procedure

    Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) Documentation Form

    Wound Dressing Categories

    Dakins Solution Recipe
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    The Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers - USPharmacist ...

    Added to above list:
    Antimicrobial dressings include:
    a. Iodine solution: Iodoform gauze -packing strips sizes 1/4", 1/2" , 1", 2"; Iodasorb gel
    b. Silver impregnated: Acquacel Ag; Acticoat, Silvasorb,
    c. Metronidazole gel -good for fungating wounds.

    ABC of wound healing: Wound dressings

    Wound Source
    website has list of dressing categories with product names + manufacture:
    Dressings | Wound Care Dressings for Treatment of Pressure Ulcers |Diabetic Ulcers and Venous Ulcers

    Wound product pictures can be viewed at DME sites that include pricing like
    Medical Department Store
    Wound Care Shop
    Sterling Medical Services
    Disclamer: above sites have good pictures of products on the market, no endorsement/experience implied.
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    THANK YOU!!!
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    My facility has an EXCELLENT wound care team that has spoiled the hospital rotten with outstanding wound consults & detailed wound care instructions for every wound possible. For those who want this to be their speciality, consider attaining your CWOCN.
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    Thanks so much for sharing NRSKarenRN!
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    Thanks for sharing, NRSKarenRN!
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    This is a timely post, for me.
    Thank you!
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    Thank you! These resources are greatly appreciated!
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    NRSKarenRN - has anyone told you today just how amazing you are?

    I'm currently doing my wound care clinical rotation (CWCN boards to follow) and all your tips and links are most helpful!

    Many thanks,

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    Many thanks to Stephanie CETN who taught me the ropes about wound care.

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