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Jobless, and hopeless

  1. 0 I am technically a new grad. I graduated in December 2011, passed my boards in February 2012. And have since applied for almost 300 jobs between 8 hospitals and several other nursing facilities with no prevail. I had 3 interviews that hd no offer come from them and since then not a single call. Since I interviewed and didn't get a job does that mean I will never get one there? Just the emails saying no thank you, some as quickly as an hours after applying. I have had my resume done and redone and checked by professionals. I've tried calling human resource departments with no call backs and I am at the point where I dunno what to do. It's been 8 months. I am back in school for my BSN. Any opinions will be wonderful.
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    Unfortuneatly, the job market is very tight in Wisconsin right now. Have you given thought to volunteering at a free clinic? You will be able to acquire some skills and you will be able to put your experience on your resume. Volunteering earns you brownie points on your resume. I would also check out resources to fine tune your resume such as workshops or anyone that works in an HR dept.

    I hope that you find a job soon! Good luck!
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    I am not trying to pry but just wondering where you received your education at ? The reason I ask is I know some places that simply will not hire from certain schools. For instance my job will not hire from Byrant & Stanton or Herzing.
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    I recieved my education at Gateway Technical College in Kenosha WI, which was an Associates program. And i am currently enrolled in Grand Canyon University for my BSN
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    Well that answers that any WI tech school should be ok. Have you thought about contract nursing? Also I know alot of places hire part time and then maybe down the road you might get a full time. Also State has a lot of openings in different fields State of Wisconsin Government Jobs - Job Search here the web site. good luck
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    Did you work as a CNA or Nurse Tech while in nursing school?
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    There's openings at Kenosha and St Cats.
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    If you are willing to move north in WI, Eau Claire has 2 decent sized hospitals that hire lots of new grads. If you want some info, I would be glad to help you.
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    Im in the same boat as you. I have been an ED Tech for 4 years and i still am having a hard time finding a job... and yeah i get the same thanks but no thanks generic emails from HRs within an hour of applying... make me think really are you even looking at them or just seeing the name and denying... its annoying. Try talking to StaffOne, because of my ER experiance they said they would possibly be able to have work there with them... which for me its something... ill take anything to get experiance anywhere... so itll be alittle better... Sigh... Milwaukee really stinks for jobs right now... im ready to apply out of state and move...
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    Up north at St. Joes hospital is DYING for help, but you'd need to relocate. They are Ministry Health System.
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    Just curious why your job will not hire grads from those two schools??

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