WGU So Cal August Cohort

  1. I just submitted my application for the August cohort. I will be coming from San Diego, so will do my clinicals [presumably] in Orange County. If you're applying for August in So Cal, feel free to pop in and commiserate.
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  3. by   SurfCA40
    There's a few of us on here still waiting to hear back if we got into the April cohort or not. We'll hopefully hear back about April either this week or next week. If I don't get into April, I'll be resubmitted for August.
  4. by   MamaCatNeighbor
    I definitely interested in applying for August cohort. I spoke with my counselor sometime last year, so I have to submit my transcripts and take the teas, which will be sometime in March.
  5. by   SurfCA40
    April cohort has been cancelled and my advisor said August may be cancelled as well. Just as a heads up, since they just rescinded my acceptance for April.
  6. by   JD2RN
    What in the world? Did they say why the cohort was cancelled?
  7. by   JD2RN
    I can't imagine having an offer of admission rescinded. I've never heard of a school doing such a thing. I am so sorry. That is shocking.
  8. by   SurfCA40
    Nope. No further info. My guess is the hospital backed out. But who knows.