WGU RN-BSN 2/1/2012 start date, anyone with me?

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    I am starting the RN-BSN program 2/1/12, just wondering who else might be joining me.

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    Got accepted, but just couldn't find the money dang it!
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    I will be starting 2/15/12.
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    I have been looking into a million different programs and like the sound of WGU. I have a bunch of the pre-reqs (bio, chem, etc) to take care of. Any advice on where to get them done?? Any accelerated programs for those so I don't suck up a lot of time going through community college or University?

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Good luck to everyone who has been accepted!

    Quote from labornurse3
    I am starting the RN-BSN program 2/1/12, just wondering who else might be joining me.
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    I am joining you..
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    That should have been 2/1/12
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    I live in WA state and took several of my prereqs online through the community college system--including chemistry. Perhaps where you live there are cc classes you can take online, which I find convenient.
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    thats cool, i am on the west coast too, santa clara, ca. i only have the nursing classes to take.
    term 1:
    nvt2 professional roles and values (3cus)
    gnt1 contemporary nursing issues (3cus)
    hat1 community health nursing (3cus)
    hgt1 community health nursing practicum (3cus)
    term 2:
    nut1 nursing informatics (3cus)
    ebt1 evidence based practice and applied nursing research (3cus)
    cvt1 organizational systems and quality leadership (3cus)

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    I think most of us are moving over to the facebook RN to BSN discussion board. Kiinda slow over here.

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