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  1. makeitwork

    South Puget Sound VS Centralia Nursing Programs

    Just_cause is correct. However, what happened is that we went to the hybrid class every other week for an hour or two and that still gave me plenty of time to also go to work. You can certainly "hit me up one day for advice" but please wait until the end of March--we are currently in the most difficult quarter of the program (I shouldn't even be on Allnurses but I needed a break from study).
  2. makeitwork

    Does Excelsior College work in the state of Washington

    You need to check with the state nursing quality assurance board (Dept. of Health). There is a list of approved colleges and Excelsior is not on it. If your heart is on Excelsior, go to a state that approves it, and has reciprocity with WA, get your license and then move back. I hope that helps.
  3. makeitwork

    SPSCC applied for Fall start 2009!

    Opps, I forgot about that post. I would say that you are the Kate who has a friend that I did a favor for. Hey, why are you up at 0730 on a Sunday during a break between quarters?!?!
  4. makeitwork

    South Puget Sound VS Centralia Nursing Programs

    Hi Hannahjean5, there are a couple of related posts in the student area. I applied to both programs and was accepted to both. I chose SPSCC because they include a hybrid classes (part on campus/part online) that allowed me to work. I did this even though I live closer to Centralia and I work in Rochester. I wish you the best!
  5. makeitwork

    SPSCC applied for Fall start 2009!

    Thanks Kate0010! Now that we are in our second year can you guess which one of your classmates I am?
  6. makeitwork

    Ages of male nursing students?

    I'm the oldest student in my class of 35 and I was 55 (chronologically) when we started.