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  1. davebigs

    Home care pay

    Which state are you in? I work in home health in California and that would be illegal here.
  2. davebigs

    Moving California. Insight on pay scale etc?

    I have been working in California for about ten years. I started out as a nurse in the upper midwest and have worked in several other states. I can tell you that there are a lot of people here, lots of traffic, cost of living is high, but it is the most awesome place to work as a nurse. There are so many different opportunities here that you will never be out of work. I work w6a large HMO (Kaiser) and it is the best and most satisfying job I have ever held. I am in the south San Francisco bay area the weather is mostly perfect. This year has been an unusually wet winter, in fact today is May 19 and some of my colleagues are out skiing in the lake Tahoe area. When I was in nursing school I never dreamed that I could ever earn what I make in my job. I make about 3 times what I made in Minnesota with a much lower work load.
  3. davebigs

    looking for my first contract

    Have you considered California? There are lots of opportunities out here.
  4. davebigs

    changing positions - need words of wisdom

    I am biased because I am in home health. Home Health is the fastest growing area of nursing and has been for several years. I work in the home health department of a large hospital system and it's very exciting right now. Our hospital started last year doing all joint replacements outpatient and home health plays a vital link in this. Also this year we started implanting LVAD's (left ventricular assist device) and home health follows these patients very closely.You would not believe some of the things that we are able to do at home. There is also evidence that show that many patients do better clinically at home when compared to the inpatient setting.
  5. davebigs

    WGU RN-BSN 2/1/2012 start date, anyone with me?

    thats cool, i am on the west coast too, santa clara, ca. i only have the nursing classes to take. term 1: - nvt2 professional roles and values (3cus) - gnt1 contemporary nursing issues (3cus) - hat1 community health nursing (3cus) - hgt1 community health nursing practicum (3cus) term 2: - nut1 nursing informatics (3cus) - ebt1 evidence based practice and applied nursing research (3cus) - cvt1 organizational systems and quality leadership (3cus)
  6. davebigs

    WGU RN-BSN 2/1/2012 start date, anyone with me?

    That should have been 2/1/12
  7. davebigs

    WGU RN-BSN 2/1/2012 start date, anyone with me?

    I am joining you..
  8. davebigs

    WGU RN-BSN 2/1/2012 start date, anyone with me?

    I will be starting 2/15/12.
  9. davebigs

    add future employer on facebook?

    Not OK, that's called stalking, unprofessional.
  10. That's exactly correct, 0.00 is a good number, or even $1, that's what i usually put down. Good luck.
  11. davebigs

    What does your spouse do while traveling?

    Just have him take care of the household stuff, he could also try temp jobs.
  12. I think you have way too much time on your hands. Unless the patient came to you with or developed a bowel problem then there is really no need to address it. Over charting if you ask me. Where I work it is charting by exception all the time. If there is nothing out of the ordinary with the BM, no need to even mention it. If it makes you feel better just say patient had a large, small or medium, formed or not BM on this shift.
  13. davebigs

    Travel job in SD

    I hear what you are saying and sometimes you can't really compare apples to oranges. Just keep in mind, when they offer to have less than half of your effective hourly rate taxed, that if something were to happen and you end up on unemployment then it would be based on $21/hr, also your SS will be based on that same $21/hr. I have had a few of those offers lately. One last thing is that when you pay less in taxes it also means that the travel company pays less in taxes also, so they are making a lot more money off you...Good luck..
  14. davebigs

    Panicked!!! HIV/AIDS, HepB, HepC risk?

    Just go get tested and while you are at it get them to do a pregnancy test also, you never know.........
  15. davebigs

    CCTC and RN network recruiters

    Medstaff is owned by CCTC, I have traveled with both.....
  16. davebigs

    Thoughts on entering travelling nursing for $$$$$

    Personally I think you are more likely to loose rather than win in poker, but its your call. As far as the traveling goes, head to California, take the provided housing and keep a tax home somewhere where the cost of living is cheap. Best of luck....