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Hello everyone, I am applying to the pre licensure program at WGU, I have everything done already, and I will have my interview with Joe the Prelicensure Team lead on Friday, I am very excited to... Read More

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    Quote from confuzhn
    Thank you so much supermama, really appreciate all the info!!

    One more thing I forgot to ask... Do I tell the recommenders to send letters directly to WGU or do I submit it together with the CPR Certification?

    Thanks again.
    Have them send them to you. I had to scan all docs and email them to my enrollment adviser.

    Is the TEAS test required?
    Yes, I'd start studying for that now.
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    If you start directly with clinical, the website says it's 2 years. But enrollment counselor says it's 2 1/2 years. Does anyone know how long the program really is? I read somewhere that the first term is sort of like a "bootcamp" to learn CNA skills. What if the applicant already has a CNA certificate, does it make it 2 years?

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    Hmmm, I thought my reply went through.

    Anyway- To answer your questions, "yes" the program has changed from 2 years to 2 1/2 years.
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    Does anyone know what the minimum TEAS score is to be able to get in? I have taken it, but I only received a 70.7%. I am planning on taking it again, but all of the LA colleges are booked solid! How long did you guys who got accepted have to wait before you found out if you were accepted or not?
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    i think it was 65 or 67? It took me 3 weeks before i found out i got accepted. Are you done with your prereqs?
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    [FONT=century gothic]Greetings everyone. Has anyone found out yet if they've been accepted to WGU for the October cohort?
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    I am waiting to find out if I got accepted to the October cohort. My enrollment counselor said possibly in the next 2 weeks. That is their goal at least. So that way students have time to get everything together. The anticipation is starting to kill me!!
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    Hello !
    I have a question , I'm living in L.A area as I understood clincals are being held at the local hospitals WHAT ABOUT LAB'S?
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    I have no idea, I never thought of that, so its not a question I ever asked. I would assume a location around the area since oct 1 is pasadena. That is my guess. I dont think they would make it very far from there.
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    thx for input , I assumed the same thing ,but I am going to find out.
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    has anyone heard anything about oct 1 cohort? my enrollment counselor is out on leave for a few weeks, so i feel so disconnected right now. the wait is really getting painful :-/
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    Hi nowitzki,

    We had our skills lab at St. Francis Career College in Lynwood before, then we had our skills assessment at the WGU lab in Sta. Ana, i'm not sure if we'll be doing our labs at the same place or somewhere else. Our mentor said they will email us the details a week before Sept. 22 (our first lab) i'll let you know by that time
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    Ok Thank you very much for input