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Is it possible to do the msn educator program in one term 6 months? In a way that's 2 quarters, so it would be 15 units per quarter. If the student is able to handle all the load, is it possible to do in terms of prerequisites of... Read More

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    My capstone was titled: How Do Night Shift Nurses Learn to Cope with Circadian Disruption?

    The capstone is basically an original research project you conduct. You pick the topic - so make it something that interests you. The four research courses that lead up to capstone are building blocks, and if you refine your topic soon enough, the work you produce for these courses become part of the finished capstone. Mine took 5 months, start to finish.

    Nearly two months of it was getting IRB approval from both my hospital and WGU. (WGU's part only takes a week or two). IMHO, IRB approval is the biggest challenge - so I would start looking into your facility's policies NOW. For example, my hospital is a large, urban teaching hospital, and IRB meets twice a month. Some smaller places only meet quarterly - so you have to be prepared.

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    How long does it have to be? I'm assuming we would have to do a lit review then some sort of experiment. I see capstones at other schools too.

    I like WGU. I like the location, and whether or not the faculty is made up of Mormons is something I don't care about. I lived with a family of Mormons in Edmonton, and worked for Siemens MedSeries4 out of SLC; they are nice, fine people.

    I know that having the ability to write, cite, and conduct research will be beneficial. One of the concerns I have is whether or not we can recieve credit for the program towards a DNP. Anyone that you know of, continue on towards a Doctorate in Nursing?

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    My capstone was 55 pages.

    I am an adjunct at WGU and I am not Mormon - honestly, I have no clue how many of the faculty are or are not. Why would it matter?

    I know that University of Southern Indiana has a DNP program and considers WGU grads on a case-by-case basis. Several managers at my hospital (I have two jobs!!) are enrolled in WGU and planning to go on for a DNP.
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    That is long, but doable.

    Ditto. Totally agree.

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    I will be starting the RN-BSN program soon and hadn't seen anything about the IRB. Is there anything in the BSN program that needs IRB approval?
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    No. IRB involvement is only necessary if you're planning a research project with human subjects, which is not necessary in the BSN program.
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    Do we have to do a research project with human subjects in the MSN program?
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    Thanks, klone!
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    Hey ya'll!
    Question for those who are already in the MSN education track.
    How long does it take from the application process to when you get to start the actual program. I want to start the program by April. Would you suggest I start applying now? Also, I work at a hospital that is affiliated with WGU but I would like to do my hours at another hospital that is apparently also affiliated with the school. Am I able to choose?

    Thank you for your time in answering my questions!
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    Yes, you do a research project with human subjects in the MSN program - both of them.

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