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  1. 0 I just got my transcript evaluation back, and everything looks good except for 2 criteria. They did not accept my General Anatomy & Physiology (they accepted my advanced A&P) but this did not fulfill the general A&P & A&P lab because they said the description did not state there was a lab component. Both my A&P classes were 4 credits (3 hour lecture & 2 hours lab each week) It says that If I provide a proof of lab component, the criteria could be met. How exactly do I go about doing that? Has anyone done this with success? Thanks!
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    Look up your class description in the course catalog and send it to WGU.
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    Yes, I did this successfully with A&P.
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    Contact the instructor (or the secretary for that department) for that class and ask them to type up a letter stating that the course includes a lab in the class. Did you not get a separate grade for the lab?
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    For both my A & P classes it was 4 credits, 3 hours a week in lecture & 2 hours a week in lab. The lab/lecture was one grade. Thanks for the advice so far. I plan to contact the school tomorrow.
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    Who at WGU do I send it to? I sent a link to the course descriptions to my enrollment counselor, but am unsure if there is an official transcript appeal form? I just now realized that I only have 15 days to appeal. I am really hoping this works out!
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    With me, my enrollment counselor filed the form. Didn't help, but I tried. In your case, it sounds like you have a good possibility of winning that appeal. If it helps any I had to retake physiology and the anatomy lab and they weren't too bad.
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    Thanks! I FINALLY got my enrollment counselor to reply. I just submitted the transcript appeal form, so I will see what happens. I had a syllabus for each course & the descriptions.

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