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    Klone: Ohhh. But of course. I'm in the wrong thread. I'm doing direct entry BSN. Ladies & gents you got your RN, you can get your BSN & MSN if you desire. Stay the course & all the best.

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    I have been accepted and will start 4/1/13 too! Very excited
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    Quote from Karin RN
    I have been accepted and will start 4/1/13 too! Very excited
    Congratulations Karin and the best of luck to you! I hope you enjoy the program as much as I have!!
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    goodstudentnowRN, Do you mind me asking how much time you spent (on average) per week on your studies?
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    (Destiny08)Hello, I'm new on here..reading how are the classes?im hopefully starting in June , just waiting for one class that I had appealed. How many credits are you doing?just curious...I have to take nursing classes only and a statistics class....
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    Quote from Karin RN
    I have been accepted and will start 4/1/13 too! Very excited
    Hi, just wanted to know how have the classes been so far?i will hopefully be starting in June. How many credits do u need to complete for bsn if u don't mind me asking
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    yay, my appeal went through....only have to take statistics class and remaining nursing core classes for BSN.So happy
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    I finished my BSN in March, now I am waiting to begin my MSN July 1st. I can't wait to get started again. I am bored on the weekends now without tasks waiting for me. (Obviously my kids are grown, and my husband works a LOT of weekends). I worked 44 hours a week during the BSN and still had plenty of time to train for marathons and keep hubby happy.
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    How is the WGU MSN program going for you all so far? I've been thinking about doing it for a while.
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    I turns out that my mentor gave me some wrong information. She did not tell me that the "U" classes were the BSN-MSN "bridge classes. She said they were part of the MSN. So I decided to skip around and put off those "U" classes and instead I finished 6 other MSN courses. Then my mentor resigns and I get a new mentor who gives me the correct info. So I can not petition for my BSN until I take those "U" classes. sigh... It doesn't really matter in the long run. I completed 33 CU's in 5 ish months, 18 were MSN. So Sept 1 I will start with those darn "U" classes (10 CU's) then petition for my BSN. Then keep going with my MSN. crazy.

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